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rise up your homunculus

Updated on July 21, 2009


Ragnarok Homunculus System Introduction

Homunculus creatures are unique to the Alchemist class. The homunculus support and strengthen the alchemist in the fighting. You can even take your character through your levelup alchemist Homunculus careful not to forget to feed them. For a Homunculus, alchemists, the search for bio-ethics, skills of the bio-ethics. After the completion of biological research, you have an embryo to create a Homunculus. Homunculus The respawn is random, so if you choose a homunculus, you must have a certain number of embryos to get what you want.

Ragnarok Homunculus Embryo

You can take the ingredients of the embryo in the alchemist guild (alde_alche 35, 179). Be sure to prepare Potion skill, so you can mix the embryo. The success also depends on the dex alchemists and happiness

* Dew of Yggdrasil
* Seed of Life
* Glass
* Medicine Bowl
* Potion Creation Guide

The four types of Ragnarok Homunculus

There are four types of homunculus, each unique and has its own strengths and weaknesses.


Skills: Caprice, Instruction chaotic evolution Blessings
Evolution Skills: Bio Explosion Protection Document Document
Homunculus Type: Magical offensive neutral information

The vanilmirth focuses on Int stat for all its magic attacks. Vanilmirth This is a good support in PVP and can kill a player with a bolt of fire. The drawback, however, because the use of magic, use many sp. For example, the owner must Vanilmirth pitch alchemist blue drink occasionally.


Skills: Moonlight, volatile Move, accelerated flight
Evolution of competence: SBR44
Homunculus Type: Physical Attack, Dodge / High ASPD, Brute, neutral

The filir is the characteristic of the AGI stat - high speed and high dodge the attack. Filir may even help biochemist during the War of Emperium breaking the emperium. The disadvantage of the homunculus is Filir low hp.


Skills: Healing Hands, by pressing the Escape key, brain surgery
Skills Development: mental
Homunculus Type: Restoration, support, half-man, neutral

Most biochemist LiF choose, because beyond its research sprite, support skills wonders. The most common is the ability of emergency measures that works like the potion of speed, only free and much more.


Skills: Castling, Amistr Bulwark adamantium Skin
Evolution Skills: Blood Lust
Homunculus Type: Physical-Defensive, Tank, Brute, neutral

The Amistr a C. May serves as a reservoir to level biochemist. Homunculus But this is hardly useful in the war of emperium castling, because his talent is off.

Ragnarok Homunculus Evolution

Homunculus like Pokémon, they can progress to the next level, you can reach the level of intimacy believers. You have a stone to evolve your homunculus sage. Double-click on the stone of sage and your homunculus go. If the homunculus change the status of points, more HP and SP, and a new sprite.

Feed Your Homunculus

Unlike the hawks in the hunter class, you must feed your homunculus or they die or their privacy would be made. Not too strong (hunger> 75) or food (hunger <> 75) and a reduction in privacy

Ragnarok Homunculus death

If the homunculus die, you can use Homunculus Resurrection Homunculus court or to return to life.

Ragnarok Homunculus Leveling

The homunculus levels in terms of work samples. So you better choose a race samples of the large base of experience. If the homunculus kills the monster alone, full employment and full homunculus exp experience with the player. Perfect is not it? You can visit the "AFK" very famous play on the servers.

Asura strike
The card must be combined with damage Asura Strike
Waste Stove Card
Take the Word Cards
Stamp card
Cookie Cards

Item description:

Waste Stove Card (Armor)
ATK + 5, INT + 1

[+ Ride Word, Cookie & Seal]
- ATK + 25
- STR + 3, Maximum SP + 80
- Add January 1% chance of auto casting Level 5 Signum Crucis on an enemy attack.
- Because 10% more damage with Asura Strike.

[Monk, Champion]
- Reduce SP Consumption of skills by 10%.
- Spell casting can not be neglected.

Word cards rise (head)
INT + 1

[Acolyte Class]
INT + 1
MDEF + 1

[People of the earth sciences, Enchanted Peach Tree, Cookie & Seal Card Combo]

Seal Card (weapons)
HIT + 10
Running Rate + 3

[Acolyte Class]
Critical Rate + 9 on Demon and Undead enemies.

[People of Earth Sciences, Ride Word, Enchanted Peach Tree & Cookie Card Combo]

Cookie Card (Accessory)
LUK + 2
10% more damage with Holy Light.

[People of Earth Sciences, Ride Word, Enchanted Peach Tree & Seal Card Combo].

When reading the description and the fat of the text is to provide information that the damage higher Asura Strike you another card.

Since the time that I've never tried this card and can cause damage.
Note .. Dragon card can be 20% more damage to mankind as Asura Strike build is the death of the other players.
If you want MVPing unexpected Knight Card offers 25% more damage to the Boss Rakas.
I think that is a better card to buy not only incomprehensible Ženy dragon or Knight Card. : P.




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      3 years ago

      Man! In total i only understood like 20% of what's written. you gotta need to work on your phrases and grammar mate..

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      what accesory does the homonculus uses? all type of homunculus... pls reply... tnx.!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      panget eHh ...


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