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Operation Despicable Me 2 Silly Family Game

Updated on September 13, 2014

I love when they can add a new twist to an old favorite game (especially when it was MY favorite)! Operation is one of those classic games that can keep kids or adults giggling for hours. It's a great rainy day game that you can remember playing from's nice that you can watch you kids playing the same games you had. Plus it's low tech, which is sometimes mandatory in my house.

In this version of operation you are pulling 11 Funatomy parts out of poor Stewart. It also comes with 4 mini medic minions (Whew, say that fast a few times!), classic buzzer & tweezers. Instead of his nose lighting up...which would be silly since everyone knows minions don't have noses...the light is on a little machine above Stewart's head. Of course this game will need two AA batteries & then it's time to let the fun begin!

Ideally this game is for kids 6 & up since it can get a bit tricky for small hands. Now this game isn't just for kids you know, for the adults you might want to add in a couple bottles of wine because it gets really funny by the 3rd glass. I'd also add in a little cash value to the pieces to make the game a little more "sporting".

This game is already flying off the shelves so if you want one for a certain holiday you better buy early or you & the kiddos might miss out. Go gets yours today!

Despicable Me: The Game For Wii
Despicable Me: The Game For Wii

If you love minions then you'll adore this game...the kids like it too.

Monopoly Game Despicable Me Edition
Monopoly Game Despicable Me Edition

This snazzy game falls between the Monopoly Jr & the adult version so kids can play too!

Despicable Me 2 Battle Pods Game
Despicable Me 2 Battle Pods Game

The classic battle between evil & good with these cute little minions fighting each other!


This game has been kid tested...and kid approved!

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      davenjilli lm 4 years ago

      I really liked the movie