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Overlord Green Minion

Updated on September 19, 2010

Overlord Green Minion


Overlord Green Minion

In overlord, collecting the overlord green minions is one of the essential parts of the early game needed to overcome certain obstacles in the Elven Forest. The route to the green minion hideout in the Elven Forest is a difficult one. The key is to bring a small number of brown minions only. The reason for this is that brown minions and overlord green minions drown easily in water.

In the elven forest, there will be 3 elven forest monsters or shamans attempting a ritual. You, the overlord, are instructed to use one of the brown minions to pick one of the flowers and bring them to the shamans. The flowers will explode and the brown minion will be sacrified and the shamans will be defeated. Move the overlord into the water towards to the island where the shamans are. There is a narrow channel which the overlord can move into and then reach the other side of the water channel. Bring the brown minions to you and then follow the dry land to find the entrance to the lair of the overlord green minions.

Lair of the Overlord Green Minions

The job is not over. Follow the green minions into the lair, and take more brown minons with you. Then advance further into the cave, taking care to avoid green miasmic gaseous areas and plants spitting out green poison at the overlord. Eventually, the overlord will reach the green minion hive. You will have to command minions to carry the hive to the teleportation stone to bring it back to the tower.

Along the way, the overlord can begin to use the overlord green minions, especially on a troll. This is where the treat is, because in fact, the overlord green minions can do backstabbing, especially if they stay sill and go into stealth mode. Yes! Sneak and then backstab – the ultimate damage dealing actions of a rogue. But in this case, it belongs to the overlord green minion.

Overlord Blue Minions

Next the overlord needs to collect overlord blue minions to complete the hordes of overlord minions.

Overlord - the Game of Minions


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