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Perfect World International - New English Version

Updated on February 4, 2016

Perfect English in the New Perfect World !!

The makers of the awesome free online game, Perfect World, have finally come across with a new English version of the game, called Perfect World International. The old version, as anyone knows that played it, was a bit lacking in the translation department. PWI is the same game you know and love, but it's English is as perfect as it's world! You can actually understand the quest directions!

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Differences in Looks

No Really Big Differences

Many things look the same. The graphics seem to be brighter, the colors a bit more vivid, though the images are the same. The music is also slightly is the same basic music, but a different beat and guitar music has been incoporated into the melody. There are new mounts and special (fashion) clothes ! The chat log tabs are in a different place but the choices are still the same. We also noticed some new buildings in the starting areas; nothing huge, but small things that catch your eye, when you are used to the current version.

Differences in Character Creation

The mechanics of character creation are close to the same, with a few differences. The premade characters you can chose from are now sorted and named differently. There are some new hairstyles, some of which are pretty cute. They changed the names of some of the customization categories, like Tinct is now Color. It is much easier to understand !

Differences in Class and Race Names

In the original version had human warriors, in PWI they are called Blademasters. The original game had human mages, PWI calls them human wizards. Perfect World My has Winged Elf Priests and in PWI they are called Winged Elf Clerics.

Beastkind took the biggest hit when it came to name changing. The name of the race has been changed from Beastkind to Untamed. The male of the species was called Werebeast in My, but in PWI they are called Barbarian. The females were called Werefox, in My, and in PWI they are called Venomancers.

Differences in Quests

The quest text is actually understandable ! When you look for a quest from an NPC, it is no longer called "Relevant Mission", it is now called "Quest Related".

Differences in Professions

Most of the professions NPC's are called the same thing, except the Merchandiser is now called the Merchant, the Pharmacist is now called the Apothecary and the Jeweler is now called Craftsman..

Differences in Map and Cities

The names of the all the major cities have been changed, and some of the smaller villages, as well. The City of the Vanished is now called City of the Lost. City of Feathers is now called City of the Plume, and the human city is now called Etherblade instead of Ethersword. Below is a shot of the new map, showing the changes.

A Few Other Things....

A few other things worth mentioning are:

All the help systems are in English, along with the tutorials. So it will be easier for new players to join the game.

The item mall categories have been changed to be more English descriptive.

Many of the names of items are different in Perfect World International. The money is now called Coins instead of Gold. The monsters and weapons have also been renamed. ZaZen recovery is now called Meditation. This is actually a good thing, as the names might be easier to remember since they are mostly English oriented. Also, cubigold is now called Zen. Zen is the money you have to buy with real life money, to buy stuff in the game.

Other than that, the game is almost the same as Perfect World/MY. Is it worth starting all over, just to have everything in English? I think so, because not only will the game text be in good English, but the majority of the players will also probably speak fluent English, unlike the current version, where English speaking players are in the minority.

About the Author - and Imagery Credits

Jade and Bayne are a happy Untamed couple that make their home on Pangu. While Bayne spends his days battling evil outside the den, Jade spends her time in more literary making these informative lenses. They are very happy in a Perfect World. :)

Image Credits ~ The Perfect World Logo is from a fansite package that was offered on the Perfect World Official site in the past. It is no longer offered to fans. All the other pictures, in this lens, are screenshots taken of my own characters, in my Perfect World Account. All of the collages in this lens are original works by Jade.

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  • profile image

    Beauti 8 years ago

    i am so glad they made this game, the other one was awful to try to understand. I like this one much better. I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!