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Peter the PEZ Clown

Updated on April 2, 2014

...send in the clown!...

Peter PEZ is the official PEZ mascot and this clown character has been produced as a PEZ dispenser and a variety of collectibles for many years. Peter wasn't the only clown PEZ. There's a much older one, a circus clown character with a big droopy nose. He's worth a LOT more than a Peter. If you keep an eye out, you might see one here.

BTW, there's a "fantasy" PEZ out there somewhere in the world, an evil clown. Fantasy PEZ are when you make up one of your own and craft it out of another PEZ. Taking a close look, I'd say that evil clown started out as Lucy from the Peanuts series of PEZ. He's got her hair and nose.

PEZ Research

Be sure to have your research done before you go shopping for PEZ. Each one of these books cover different details and history about PEZ dispensers and the price quotes included should be considered guidelines, as current market pricing can vary.

Pick A Peck Of Peters

Ok, so as you can see, I've got quite a few different Peters here. Standing in the front row is the flashlight, the two Peter dispensers, and a Peter PEZ car candy dispenser. For that, you push down on the car, and a candy pops out the back.

The two big ones are each different. On the left, is a Giant PEZ dispenser. It puts out whole rolls of PEZ. On the right is a piggybank Peter PEZ. He can be emptied via a plug under his feet.

As the mascot, he has been produced in a lot of variations and appears on a lot of non-standard PEZ and specialty collectibles.

Part of the Family... - variations and specialty collectibles

Here are some of my variations on Peter PEZ.  Regular dispensers with differently-colored stems are fairly common.  The flashlight is very rare.
Here are some of my variations on Peter PEZ. Regular dispensers with differently-colored stems are fairly common. The flashlight is very rare.

PEZ Costume!

Adult Pez Dispenser Costume
Adult Pez Dispenser Costume

Availability: In Stock.

Give this Peter PEZ costume a try and you'll be the hit of your next costume party! Great for Mardi Gras or Halloween events!


Peter Plays Dress Up

This is one of my surplus Ninja Turtles and a Peter PEZ, both dressed in the soldier outfits that are made for PEZ but only sold in Europe.

If you haven't seen them before, the bodies are two shells that sort of snap on around the stem. The arms go in the sockets, and then rotate to lock the bodies together. The shoes are two halves that slip on over the feet.

Send In The Clowns! - anything PEZ-clown-related

Peter isn't the only clown in the PEZ lineup. The long-face clown is one of the much older characters, so don't be surprised by some of the prices you see related to that big-chinned fellow. He's a rare and highly-desirable PEZ!

Peter PEZ Flashlight

A PEZ flashlight? Yep...pretty cool, huh?

I can't recall where I found this baby but it's a real working flashlight. It turns on when you tip the head back, just like if you were dispensing candies. The lightbulb shines out from where the candy would be. It's about as tall as the bubble dispenser PEZ.

Peter Gets A Facelift

photo by Rae Schwarz
photo by Rae Schwarz

If you look carefully, you can see some differences in the two Peter PEZ shown here. The left one is the slightly older one, the one on the right is the more recent revision.

Peter's face has gotten "clownier." It's broader and rounder and the color scheme is a tad more florescent.

Are you a fan of the PEZ clown?

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