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Pillars of Eternity Walkthrough

Updated on April 5, 2015

In Pillars of Eternity, the hero falls ill at the beginning of the game. The caravan master which the hero has been tagging along with suggests that the hero go with Calista and get some springberries to see if they will heal the hero. So it's off to herb gathering with the hero and heroine. This Pillars of Eternity walkthrough will take the hero from the massacre at the caravan camp to the strange beginnings at the town of the Gilded Vale.

  • The hero needs to go south and then west. The party will spot a guy called Sparfel and then continue to head west and look for the springberries.
  • There will be a wolf blocking the way to the springberries. Use the wolf to test the fighting prowess of the heroine Calista, and the wizard spells of the hero.
  • Once the berries are collected, go look for Sparfel.

Apparently, Sparfel is gone from his watch post. He has gone hunting. The party needs to move south to find Sparfel.

Sparfel has been ambushed by the local tribesmen. He is just about dead when the party gets there. Defeat the remaining tribesmen and get back to the caravan.

Note that the people at the caravan camp, save for one rogue, are already dead. So be in no hurry to get back. Instead, explore the surrounding areas for herbs and other stuff.

  • These stuff can be sold for gold at the inn in the Gilded Vale later on. So keep everything.

Now, return to the caravan to find that the tribemen leader has decimated the camp. Join forces with the rogue and take down the remaining tribesmen using the party of three.

  • This is a good time to use the starting powers of the party, that being the hero, the fighter and the rogue. If you want to test the starting powers of the PC using different classes, this is the best time to use it.

With the death of the tribesmen comes an unnatural phenomenon, a lightning storm. With his dying breath, the caravan leader urges the party of three to escape into the nearby dungeon - Cilant Lis.

  • Within Cilant Lis, the heroes need to escape. They will meet the first enemy within the dungeon, some lizard like creature. Defeat them and explore the dungeon.

Again, a remainder to keep everything the hero needs in the stash section. This can be sold later in the inn.

  • Within Cilant Lis is a series of trapped tiles. The secret behind this is to use the rogue to disarm the trap and then move the heroes one at a time across the tiles.

A wave of nostalgia hits..... so reminiscent of the starting scenes of Baldur's Gate 2, with Imoen disarming the traps. Oh.... just to romance Imoen and the other characters in Baldur' Gate again...

Continue to explore the whole dungeon of Cilant Lis. The dungeon not only has trapped tiles, but black ooze! Yes! Black Ooze! Bring back more dungeons and dragons turn based games, and gelatinous ooze and ooze like creatures.

  • Remember to collect camp supplies in the dungeon. Camp supplies are needed for rest. For the wizard, this is vital, because without supplies, the party cannot rest, and the wizard cannot regain spells.

Anyhow, the "secret power" of the hero is beginning to show itself. This is the so called "illness" that the hero harbors. As explained later, this power is the ability to "soul search".

  • Eventually, the hero gets outside. The exit is in the northeast part of the dungeon. Here, the hero witness a ritual at work. Then an explosion kills everyone in the party of three, except the hero. He must now make his way to the Gilded Vale, a town south of the Valewood.

Pillars of Eternity Valewood Walkthrough

The Valewood is the barrier woods between Cilant Lis and the town of Gilded Vale. Essentially, it is also the area that will open up the rest of the game. The Valewood walkthrough will show you how to get past Valewood. It is really quite simple.

  • the hero starts at the north of camp.
  • to the south a little and the east are the bandits holding a dwarf captive. Defeat the bandits to free the dwarf. Doing this will give you discount at the Black Hound inn later on. The bandits are difficult for a solo low level wizard. To defeat the bandits, use magic missiles on the bandits (surprise attack), then move away and draw the melee bandit to you, and the other bandit to fire arrows into the trees. Once the melee bandit is finished, move in and kill the other bandit.
  • to the south a little more and the west are more lizardmen. These are so easy to kill that a walkthrough explanation is irrelevant.

  • further to the south is Norton, an "adventurer". Talk to him and promise to explore the bear cave.
  • to the east from here is the bear cave. Go inside, defeat the bear and touch the body.
  • the soul searching power of the hero will manifest, and the truth behind Norton's travelling companion will be revealed. Promise him you will track down Norton.
  • now go back to where you found Norton, and go past the bridge to the town of the Gilded Vale.

Pillars of Eternity Get to the Black Hound Inn

In the town of Gilded Vale, the hero is introduced to the concept of souls, and soulless ones. The town is under the tyranny of the local lord, who has proclaimed the soulless ones the enemies of the town. People are hanged and the place is a mess.

  • Talk to the magistrate to understand the background story of the town and later the hero.
  • Declare to him the mysterious illness of the hero and be told that the hero's salvation, the animancer, is one of the people hanged on the tree.
  • Now, go west to the Black Hound Inn to get some rest.
  • Touch the people upstairs to understand their souls.
  • Go downstairs and speak to the innkeeper to get a rest. Once you have rested, the second phase of the adventure begins, as the "dead" animancer speaks to the hero in his dreams, telling him to go look for her dead body.
  • Note that the innkeeper also provides adventuring companions for hire, and camp supplies, amongst other stuff. Also remember to sell your stuff.

Pillars of Eternity Get Second Party Companion

Once you are outside the inn, and well-rested, break up the argument between the foreign wizard and the crowd of locals, and get your second party companion. Hopefully, this one will be more permanent than the last crowd.

The Pillars of Eternity walkthrough will continue in the form of videos and succinct points.


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