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Play Barbecue - A Guide to Toy BBQs for Kids

Updated on October 8, 2012

Toy Barbeque - Lots of Pretend Play Fun

A toy barbeque can provide some wonderful memories for you and your little one, as you grill alongside each other on a sunny afternoon in the yard.

This fun toy can be used indoors, or outdoors and will help develop a child's imagination and motor skills.

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Lots of Fun for Pretend Play

Also Great for Motor Skills

A toy barbecue grill is great for pretend play. Kids love to do all of the things that their parents do.

These cute little toys can be used indoors, or outdoors and they will help build your child's imagination and coordination. As a parent, it is exciting to watch your child learn to grab a hot dog with a pair of tongs. The first few times are going to be frustrating for them, but to watch them learn and get that task perfected is a proud moment for a parent. A toy grill set for boys or girls is the perfect addition to your yard, or home.

Little Tikes Backyard Barbeque Get Out 'N Grill

The Little Tikes Backyard Barbeque Get Out 'N Grill barbeque is made of durable plastic. It looks just like a real gas grill and includes a side burner. There is also a small sink on the other side, and the lid to the grill opens and closes. This grill arrives with an 8 piece accessory set. There is a start button and clicking knobs. The front doors of the Little Tikes grill open and there is a large amount of space for storing your grilling necessities. This toy barbeque set looks just like dad's!

Educo My Backyard BBQ set

The Educo My Backyard BBQ set is one of the most realistic looking toy BBQ's on the market. This cute little grill has a lid that opens and closes. This toy grill for kids features a grill surface that will slide out to reveal hot coals below. Slide it back in and you have an electric burner and grill. There is a collapsible side table for all of your grilling tools and condiments. Wheels on one side make it easy to move around. Some assembly is required for this grill and it arrives with an Allen wrench. A phillips screwdriver is also required, but not included.

My BBQ Trolley

The BBQ trolley is a very realistic looking toy grill. This children's toy grill set comes with a realistic looking propane tank. Not only does this toy grill look realistic, but it also features some grilling sounds and the grill fire lights up. The set comes with some grilling utensils, play food and condiments. The customer reviews for this toy bbq are very positive. Kids and parents love this grill. It is durable and very realistic play. This grill is recommended for ages 3 and up.

Hasbro Playskool Charlie Coal The Talking Grill

Charlie Coal the talking grill is an electronic grill that says more than 50 phrases. This toy grill set also makes some realistic grilling noises. This cute little toy grill comes with mustard and ketchup bottles, a fork and spatula, and some play foods. The grill will automatically shut off if your child stops using it. The grill runs on 3 AA batteries.

Tabletop Toy Grills

George Foreman Toy Grill

The George Foreman toy grill is a tabletop grill that looks just like mom and dad's. This toy grill is electronic and makes sizzling noises when you close the lid. The set includes some play foods and utensils to get your little chef started. There is a button that will drain your water into a drip tray, which is removable.

Toy Grills with a full serve kitchen

Step 2 Grill and Play Patio Caf

The Step 2 Grill and Play Patio caf is the perfect play barbeque set for a crowd of kids. This toy grill kitchen features a charcoal grill, stove with two burners, an oven, a refrigerator, and a sink with a swivel faucet. The other side of the kitchen has a shady spot for the kids to enjoy their grilled creations. The seating area features a table, with two stools. The umbrella is adjustable and will protect your little ones from the sun. If you have several kids, or your kids like to host play dates, this cute little toy grill is the perfect set for your yard.

Little Tikes Inside/Out Cook N Grill Kitchen

The Little Tikes Inside/Out Cook N Grill kitchen is a full serve kitchen, with a grilling area on the flip side. Great fun for indoors, or outdoors, this cute little kitchen and grilling set features a refrigerator, stove top that has electronic features, oven, dishwasher, and a sink. There is a cute little cabinet above the refrigerator for storing your cooking needs. The refrigerator door is magnetic, so your kids can hang their favorite magnets. The grilling side features a realistic looking grill that has electronic sounds and fabric flames, for a very real grilling experience.

Playhouse with grill

Step 2 Gather & Grille Playhouse

The Step 2 Gather & Grill playhouse is the ultimate grilling experience, right in your child's own playhouse. The house has a patio area for kids to hang out and grill with their friends. Inside the playhouse there is a built in sink, so you can clean up your dishes when you are done grilling. The sink is at the corner of an L shaped counter that also lines up to the grill, giving you plenty of space to line up your grilling utensils and condiments. There is a cute little fireplace inside the playhouse and a door with a doorbell will get your guests in for some grilling fun. This cute little playhouse will entertain little ones for hours. Made of durable plastic, this playhouse is made to withstand the weather and all of it's harsh elements. We clean our playhouse with a little soapy water and rinse with the hose every spring and fall. This is one toy that is sure to get a lot of use by your kids. Great for the imagination and a sure favorite with kids.

Grilling foods

While a lot of toy barbeque sets come with some play foods to get you started, there are many other fun sets to add to your child's fun! These sets are great if you have several kids playing. There will be plenty of food to go around!

A Complete List of Great Toy BBQs

Click here to See a Complete List of the Best Toy BBQs and other Fun Pretend Play Toys that Kids Love to Play With

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