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Top Play Washing Machine Toys for Kids

Updated on September 28, 2014

Play Washing Machine

Kids favorite toys always seem to be toys that involve role play.

A play washing machine can fill that need to imitate what mommy does.

It will make for a fun afternoon of washing baby doll clothes and play kitchen linens, while helping develop your child's imagination.

Miele Toy Washing Machine

The Miele Toy Washing Machine looks just like mom's washing machine. This cute little machine is built durable and it features four different washing machine noises.

This toy washing machine will work with, or without water. If you choose to use water in this toy washing machine, it will drain in the back. 3 C batteries are required to operate this toy washing machine, they are not included.

My First Kenmore Washer and Dryer

The My First Kenmore Washer and Dryer is a wooden set. This cute little kids washer and dryer set comes in pink and has doors that open and close. There is also a pretend soap dispenser and the knobs click when turned. The washer and dryer set makes a nice addition to any playroom and gives your little one a great place to wash and dry her baby clothes and kitchen linens.

American Plastic Toy My Very Own Laundry Center

The My Very Own Laundry Center is a complete laundry center. This toy laundry center comes with 3 working knobs and 2 removable baskets.

An ironing board will flip up, so you can iron your baby doll's clothes and there are 3 hangers included with this set. This toy washing machine measures 21" tall.

Casdon Electronic Toy Washer

The Casdon Electronic Washing Machine looks just like mom's. It also features some very realistic play with electronic features that make your washing machine spin, and there are some lights & sounds actions. The set also includes a laundry basket and a play carton of detergent. This is one of the most realistic toy washing machines on the market. The washer requires 3 C batteries, which are not included. The recommended ages for this toy washing machine are ages 3 to 8 years old.

Plan Toys Washing Machine

The PlanToys Washing Machine is wooden and durable. The washer has knobs on the front and a pull-out dispenser for detergent. The door of the washing machine has a window, so your child can see what is inside their washing machine. The paint colors used on this toy washing machine are non-toxic.

Educational Insights Washing Machine

The Educational Insights Washing Machine is a front loading washer. This cute little toy washing machine features a spinning tub that will slosh your water, and some realistic washing machine noises. There is a pull-out detergent slot.

This toy washer is recommended for ages 3 and up. 3 C batteries are required to run your toy washer.

Step 2 My Own Laundry

Do the Wash and Iron It Too

The Step2 My Own Laundry is a compact washer and dryer set. This cute little set is electronic. It makes washing noises and the lights will light up. There is an ironing board on the side, with an included iron. Your little homemaker can iron her baby clothes and then hang them up with the provided hangers. This toy washing machine runs on 3 AAA batteries.

Play Ironing Board

A Fun Addition to their Toy Washing Machine

You can add to your child's fun by adding a play ironing board and iron to their toy washing machine. The fun doesn't have to stop once the dolly clothes and table linens are washed. They can move them over to the ironing board to iron all of them, before they put them away.

Play Kitchens with Washing Machines

While there aren't a lot of individual play washing machines, you will find that there are also several play kitchens which have washing machines in them. This increases the fun for little ones as they pretend to cook, bake, and do dishes and laundry all in their own little kitchen.

KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen
KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen

Refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, microwave and washing machine. Also a phone and clock. Has knobs that turn and click.

KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen
KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

Dishwasher, oven, microwave, refrigerator, removable sink, and a washing machine. Also has curtains, hooks for hanging pots, and much more.


What's Your Child's Favorite Toy for Pretend Play?

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