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Buy Playskool Weebles Online

Updated on March 20, 2011

Playskool Weebles

The Weebles toys are back. These little guys weeble and wobble but don't fall down. They're great for young children to play with, but always be careful of the potential choking hazard.

This toy is a great gift for children between 2 and 5 years old. These toys come individually, in pairs, or in trios. You can also find the enriching playhouses and weebles play sets, for the weebles pals to sit and play.

Children loved these toys in the past, and you'll find that the remake and bright colors of the new Playskool Weebles toys are just as fun for today's child.

Below, you'll find the basic Weebles trio sets and play sets.

  • Storybook Weebles include 1 magic mirror, 1 weebly little girl, and 1 wicked-wobbly queen
  • Red Riding Hood Weebles include Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, and the Woodsman
  • Castle Weebles include the frog prince, the King, and the Princess

The Weebles treehouses are great to buy along with the Weebles toys. The Playskool Weebles Musical Treehouse is probably the most popular play set with the Weebles people. The Weebles Musical playhouse comes with 4 weebles and loads of fun.

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Buy Weebles Online

You won't have any trouble finding the Weebles Wobbles for your children anymore, as Playskool has revamped the Hasbro toy, so you won't have to search for vintage weebles wobbles.

They now have a bright, colorful appearance with the same great wobbly design. The Playskool Weebles can be purchased at many toy stores, but you'll find that the closer to the holidays, this popular toy will not be as easy to find.

The internet is probably going to be the best place to find Weebles Wobbles for sale.

You can find them on both and eBay for great prices. eBay seems to have the best discount Weebles for sale, but depending on what you're looking for, you may find it on

The best thing that I can suggest is to shop around before making your purchase; check seller feedback; and buy multiple items to save on shipping costs (there's no need to buy one from seller A, and another from seller B)


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