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Pokemon TCG Black and White - Noble Victories

Updated on October 7, 2011

Pokemon Noble Victories - The Third Installment of Black and White

Welcome to our information page on Pokemon Black and White - Noble Victories. On this page, you'll find everything you need to know about Black and White Noble Victories, including an up-to-date confirmed card list, details of the theme decks, videos, and much more besides. Don't forget to say hello on our guestbook, and vote in our Noble Victories poll. Enjoy!

Noble Victories is the follow up to Pokemon Black and White Emerging Powers. It's due for English-Language release on November 16th 2011, although it hasn't been revealed yet whether the theme decks and boosters will have separate release dates, like the last two. The cards will mostly be the ones featured in the Japanese Red Collection set, with additions likely to come from the Victini Theme Deck. Victini is the featured Legendary Pokemon in the set, and so far around a third of the card list has been revealed. There'll be more details soon.

Pokemon Black and White Noble Victories is released in English on November 16th 2011.

Pokemon Black and White Noble Victories Theme Decks

All we know so far is that there'll be two of them. Check back soon for more details...

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Victini in Video

Noble Victories is all about Victini. Let's see it in action...

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Confirmed Cards in Pokemon Black and White Noble Victories

29 of the 101 cards have been revealed so far. Expect more news soon...






Cobalion * 2 versions








Terrakion * 2 versions


Victini * 2 versions

Virizion * 2 versions



Cover Fossil


Plume Fossil

Rocky Helmet

Super Rod



N * 2 versions

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