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Pokemon vs YuGiOh!

Updated on August 24, 2017

Which is better? YuGiOh! or Pokemon

Pokemon vs YuGiOh!

Just like Yugi's Grandpa, I own a game store. Fortunately, unlike Yugi's Grandpa, I haven't had my soul captured by Pegasus (yet). Two of the biggest things I sell in my store are YuGiOh! and Pokemon cards. I'm a huge fan of both, but which rocks the most. Maybe it's just too hard to decide - I mean there's so much that's great about each of them.

But maybe, just maybe, this page will help me decide whether Pokemon is better than YuGiOh! or should it be YuGiOh! is better than Pokemon. Guess what though - you guys get to have your say too and help me out.

On this page, I'll compare the two in the three key areas - Anime, Video Games and Trading Card Games, so without further ado, lets get started and find out which is better - Pokemon or YuGiOh!

Which do you think is best?

OK, here we go then - time to hear your thoughts. You don't need to register or give any details to take part - everyone's welcome. Have your say, then read on to find out what I think...

Which is the best?

Pokemon Collector's Tins from the Pokemon Trading Card Game
Pokemon Collector's Tins from the Pokemon Trading Card Game

Pokemon vs YuGiOh! Round 1 - The Anime

After several hundred episodes of both Pokemon and YuGiOh! animes and their spin-offs, there's plenty of material. Lets take some factors into account. Who's cooler? Yugi or Ash? It's tough to pick - in many ways they're similiar characters - draw. Ash picks up some bonus points for Pikachu, but then YuGiOh! equalises because my daughter has a crush on Joey Wheeler. Hmm. Still all square.

Bandit Keith alone should edge it for YuGiOh! but I just (and I do mean just), prefer the artwork in the Pokemon anime. I'm going to (slightly flinching as I do it), give round 1 to Pokemon.

To Help You Decide...

Here's your first treat. The very first episode of Pokemon...

Grab Some Pokemon on DVD

Because you deserve to treat yourself...

And Some More Evidence...

Yup, you guessed it - YuGiOh! Episode 1

Judgement Dragon from the YuGiOh! Trading Card Game
Judgement Dragon from the YuGiOh! Trading Card Game

Pokemon vs YuGiOh! Round 2 - The Trading Card Games

OK, this is my main area of expertise. I play both badly but I know plenty about them. And hey, you know what, this one's tough to decide on too. Of the two, Pokemon is the easier game to pick up for beginners and easier for younger players to learn to play, so that has to count in Pokemon's favour.

However, the intricacies of YuGiOh! and its chess-like battle of strategy and wits are always going to provide more to get your teeth into than Pokemon - all square. Finally (and I'm going to lose sleep over all the decisions in these rounds) though, I have to give the edge to YuGiOh! for its huge organised play programme, leading all the way from tiny stores like mine, through to the World Championships.

So for me, YuGiOh! is the better TCG by a nose - it's one round each and all to play for.

Grab a YuGiOh! Starter Deck...

...and get started playing.

Team Rocket Returns from teh Pokemon Trading Card Game
Team Rocket Returns from teh Pokemon Trading Card Game

Pokemon vs YuGiOh! Round 3 - Console Games

One-all, going into the final round. How could it be any other score really? There's a long old list of games for both YuGiOh! and Pokemon - one thing is for certain - to an outsider there's not much difference between each game in the series. Of course, to a fan, there's a world of difference between Platinum and HeartGold or Tag Force 4 and Tag Force 5.

There's a huge breadth of things to do in each YuGiOh! game - they also have Duel Terminals in YuGiOh! - but then they aren't Console games and they haven't brought them to the UK yet.

And of course, my game time on Pokemon Diamond is over 300 hours. Hmm. The nod has to go to Pokemon, giving it the win, 2 rounds to 1.

Which of the recent Pokemon games do you prefer?

Simply click to vote. You don't need to register or give any details to take part - simply click to vote.

Which is better?

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