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Pretend and Play Calculator Cash Register

Updated on January 22, 2017

Children learn math and money skills while having fun

Math skills are valuable for children to learn at any age, especially during early development years.

And the Pretend and Play Calculator Cash Register by Learning Resources is the perfect way for children to learn these basic math and money skills.

Pretend and Play comes with plenty of bills and coins for children to set up shop and run pretend business.

Children can have lots of fun and interaction playing store, while learning how to make change. So if you want a fun toy that's and educational for your child, check out Learning Resources.

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Cash Register Set Features:Large LCD screen for transactions, solar-powered calculator, easy-to-read numbers, life-size play money in coins and bills and booklet of suggested activities

Pretend and Play Calculator Cash Register
Pretend and Play Calculator Cash Register

Pretend and Play Calculator Cash Register Overview

The Pretend and Play Cash Register comes with lots of play money that can help children learn math with addition and subtraction, while playing store and having fun.

Playing store is something many of us remember growing up as a kid and having a realistic play cash register makes it even better.

The Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register is a great choice when it comes to toy cash registers.

The cash register is durable and the buttons are large and colorful so even preschoolers can use it easily.

And, it's sure to appeal to boys and girls who enjoy playing "store", featuring a clear LCD screen, a play credit card and realistic play money. There's even a slot in the register for the toy credit card.

When kids slide the card into place, the register produces a cool "ding" sound effect. There's a large Open button on the keypad. When kids press it, the drawer pops open with a realistic chiming sound.

The drawer holds all the play bills and coins. The calculator is solar-powered and does not require batteries. However, the cash register takes a 1.5-volt button battery (included) to make cash register sounds.

Children can use they're imagination playing creative grocery store games for hours, with the added benefit of learning vital math skills.

Even if younger children don't grasp the concept of addition and subtraction, toddlers and preschoolers can have fun with the Pretend and Play Calculator Cash Register by pressing the buttons on the cash register and swiping the realistic plastic credit card.

Overall, the Pretend and Play Cash Register makes playing grocery store and similar shopping games a realistic experience for kids!

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