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Top Rated Programmable Robot Kits for Intermediate to Advanced Users

Updated on October 17, 2014

The Best Programmable Robot Kits

If you're looking to take your interest in robotic toys and kits to the next level, you'll want to consider buying programmable robot kits.

Although a highly determined individual with no robotics experience could attempt to jump straight in with some of the 'easier' kits featured in this guide, the learning curve may be pretty steep for a totally raw beginner. i.e. someone with no prior knowledge of electronics.

Most of these kits require either some level of soldering and/or computer programming. So basic skills and experience in mechanics and programming will be a great help in speeding up your build time.

As you would expect, the parts contained in the following kits are much more sophisticated and smaller than regular or beginner robot sets and, as such, are better suited for experienced older children and adults.

Intermediate Robot Kits

Complete Robot Pack (Breadboard Version) - Programmable robot

complete robot
complete robot

This all in one complete robot kit will allow the user to build a fully functional robot on a simple platform that is easy to master.

Everything you'll ever need is right there in the box. This includes the breadboard controller system, sensors, motors, the chassis of the robot, wheels and of course the remote control.

If you prefer the ease and convenience of an all-in-one robot kit, this is the one for you.

Robotics with the Boe-Bot

Parallax Programmable Boe-Bot Robot Kit
Parallax Programmable Boe-Bot Robot Kit

Boe-Bot Robot Kit

The Boe-Bot Robot Kit is a popular choice for high school kids and those with an interest in programming.

The kit comes with excellent documentation, providing a strong learning platform and grounding in robotics, electronics and programming; making this a great kit for intermediates wishing to fast track their experience and knowledge.

This robot kit doesn't require soldering and can be assembled in around 2 hours. Users will learn to write programs in PBASIC, build simple circuits, add sensors to aide the navigation of the robot and apply motion programs in order to drive the robot.

Arduino Robot Kit - Professional Starter Kit

Arduino robot kit
Arduino robot kit

This starter kit from Arduino is perfect for those just getting into programmable robotics.

You can make up to 12 basic robot structures, selecting from a great range of electronic parts including transistors, motors, sensors, LEDs etc.

The manufacturers of the Arduino kits do a really good job of providing a wide range of easily accessible add-ons, accessories and guide books, designed to keep you engaged and challenged as you progress your skills in robotics.

3Pi Robot

programmable robots
programmable robots

Advanced Robot Kits

Sumo Bots Kit


Learning how to build a robot is exciting enough, but imagine building, configuring and programming your very own competitive fighting machine!

The SumoBot Robot Competition Kit teaches advanced level programming techniques that allow you to build 2 high quality SumoBots with fighting intelligence. Build these correctly and the Bots will not only learn how to survive the fight arena, but they'll learn how to detect the opposition and attack.

The kit includes 2 SumoBot BASIC Stamp 2 microcontollers, motors, wheels, power pack, infared sensors etc as well as documentation in the form of a step by step guide, schematics and wiring diagrams and an advanced robotics book.

Bioloid Premium Kit

Bioloid Premium Kit
Bioloid Premium Kit

Bioloid Premium Kit

The Bioloid Premium Kit is the updated version of the Bioloid Comprehensive Kit. It boasts an enhanced battery pack and functioning, an increased memory capacity and revolutionary Gryo stabilization to improve robot balancing.

Everything you need to build and program 29 robot structures is right there in the box.

In addition to that, you'll find 5 additional external ports which further extend the kit for use with 3rd party parts, such as sensors.

VIDEO: The Bioloid Premium Humanoid Robot in Action

What do you think are the best programmable robot kits?

See any robotic kits that peak your interest? - Share your thoughts here

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