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Prototype 2 Defeat the Juggernaut in Feeding Time Mission

Updated on April 30, 2012

Prototype 2 Defeat the Juggernaut

Prototype 2 Defeat the Juggernaut and Get the Shield Ability
Prototype 2 Defeat the Juggernaut and Get the Shield Ability

Prototype 2 Defeat the Juggernaut in Feeding Time Mission

In Prototype 2, Heller activates the feeding time mission by talking to Father Guerra at the G spot in the city. Use the map to find this G spot, and learn from Father Guerra of the test site Jefferson, where civilians are being taken to be fed to a monster known as the Juggernaut. Heller must infiltrate the compound outside test site Jefferson, and then defeat the juggernaut within the test site. This will provide Heller with some tactics to eliminate the blackwatch guards and APC stealthily and then enter the test site to defeat the Juggernaut.

Prototype 2 Tactics to Use Outside Test Site Jefferson in Feeding Time Mission

Head to the compound outside test site Jefferson. Spot a whitish building where two blackwatch guards stand guard on the flat roof. Climb onto the roof and use stealth consume on the two guards. Heller will shapeshift into blackwatch guard form. Be careful not to wander too close to the virus detector lying on the ground. Spot another two guards standing on the ground just next to the virus detector.

Now from the roof, head left and drop down onto a small area that lies just the detection zone of the virus detector. From this area, run in and stealth consume the two guards next to the virus detector before the alertness meter goes red. From hereon, it's up to Heller whether to continue the stealth approach or use the all guns blazing approach. Once all the guards and the APC within this compound are defeated, the commander will appear. Consume the commander and use his hand scan to enter the test site Jefferson.

Prototype 2 Defeating the Juggernaut in Test Site Jefferson

Within the test site Jefferson, Heller must go in fast and aim for the senior biologist to enter the experiment room. One can ignore the other mobs at this time. Once the senior biologist is consumed, use the hand scan to enter the room. Before entering the room though, make sure Heller consumes enough men to restore his health back to maximum.

The juggernaut is a very meaty virus mutated monster, with the ability to shield from Heller. The juggernaut can also throw items at Heller. To defeat the juggernaut is easy. Simply stand far away from the juggernaut, and use the black hole tendril attack on the juggernaut repeatedly. This will cause items including barrel explosives to be hurled at the juggernaut. Alternate this attack with dodge and jump around the room. In this way, Heller will be minimally damaged by the juggernaut. Watch as the juggernaut is defeated by Heller using this technique.

Prototype 2 Consume the Juggernaut to Get the Shield Ability

Heller will then consume the juggernaut and get the shield ability. There is no better chance to test out the shield ability as some blackwatch rocket launcher troopers enter the room. Wait for the blue laser to home in on Heller, and then activate the shield ability. Watch as the rocket is deflected back onto the blackwatch troopers. Repeat this for the other blackwatch rocket launcher troopers. Then exit the test site and the alert to complete the Feeding Time Mission.

Prototype 2 Defeating the Juggernaut


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