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Prototype 2 Walkthrough

Updated on April 24, 2012

Prototype 2 Walkthrough Begins

In Prototype 2, the initial walkthrough is needed to get new players and would be heroes interested in the game acquainted with the game mechanics and the storyline behind the prototype story. The hero of the prototype 2 game is James Heller. James Heller has been infected with the mercer virus, and has been “recruited” by Gentek to help perfect the bioweapon in the Gentek lab. Within the gentek lab, Heller escapes his bounds and must defeat lots of virus infected monsters. Within each virus infected, Heller can grab the virus infected and then consume it and restore health. This is one of the key mechanics of the game to restore Heller's health. Otherwise, it's a matter of punching and attacking the infected virus with Heller's bare hands and brute strength at this stage.

Prototype 2 Walkthrough Begins

Prototype 2 Walkthrough and Game Mechanics as Heller Evolves
Prototype 2 Walkthrough and Game Mechanics as Heller Evolves

Prototype 2 The Strong Survive Quest

The prototype 2 walkthrough continues with the strong survive quest, as Heller does escape from the lab into the city, where he will continue to test the game mechanics. The strong survive quest requires Heller to head to the tallest building. Switch onto the map and head to the tallest building at coordinates 236, 1259 by sprinting and holding the sprint button whilst going up the building (much like Spiderman). At this point, Heller must learn the art of camouflage and shapeshifting by escaping from the Alert. When an alert is activated, Blackwatch men and helicopters patrolling the city will be hunting Heller. Sprint away from Blackwatch men hunting Heller, and then defeat consume a blackwatch man and shapeshift into him to run away from the Alert.

At the tallest building, recognize and look for the church and then head to the church to look for a priest within – Father Guerra. The mission received from him will see Heller head to the hospital initially to look for the blackwatch commander. Near the hospital entrance, learn to avoid the mercer virus detector.

Head to the top of the hospital building and learn another skill from the mercer virus – the art of hunting. Activate hunting and note the pulse emanating from the hunted. Go down from the top of the hospital building, and hit the hunted blackwatch commander, only to find the real blackwatch commander somewhere else. Head to the designated tall building and activate the hunting pulse again. Note the direction and origins of the hunting pulse – at the bridge. Head over to the bridge and use shapeshift camouflage (as a blackwatch man) to get near the blackwatch commander. When Heller is near the blackwatch commander, use consume to defeat the blackwatch commander. Absorb his health and memories and learn who had betrayed Heller.

The final part of the strong survive quest requires the hero to put together all the skills learnt above. Jump and glide out of the bridge and sprint through the city to escape another Alert and the helicopters. Heller will get hit inevitably and health will decrease. Use consume to take down by-passers as Heller runs away and absorbs health to restore his own. Try to shapeshift to shake off the helicopters and the Alert. After a certain amount of time and tactical maneuvers, Heller will escape the Alert and go into Free Roam mode.

The Free Roam mode allows Heller to explore the city at his own pace and test other game mechanics in Prototype 2 such as level up, continuing on with more missions, collect blackbox collectibles to unlock mutations, complete op fields to unlock more mutations and so on.


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