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Defeat Game Ghostbusters ps3 hints and tips for ghost busters - How to play Ghost busters ps3 in levels 1-4

Updated on March 9, 2011
Dillons directions on how to play ghost busters....
Dillons directions on how to play ghost busters....

One tip is on the first level of ghost busters for ps3, is wait untill the video is over, after that your ghost you keep as a pet brakes loose, (hint) you can't catch untill the next level. He will brake loose another ghost and you can catch him, after you catch him you will go after your ghost in a hotel, after that level you will feel the ground shaking you are going to see the stay puff, a giant ghost made out of marshmellow you can't beat you can only beat his miniture marshmellow peoples. you can beat stay puff when you are on the roof top.

The 3rd level is about the natural history museum you have to examen a statue, there will be a ghost in it, follow it in to the museum and go upstairs and wait for your crew they will tell you to look for that ghost, go down stars look in the glass and a ghost will come follow it in to the libary you face a huge monster its weakness is a proton blaster whitch is R2, kill that you will see the first ghost they hunted the ghost librarian, follow her, There will be a secret door. Follow her till you can kill her in a ghost world. It will take a long time following her. Watch for books Centurion jumping out to kill you. Book Bats are also always comming after you. Start going into the basement. Turn the electric on. There will be a book golem. There weakness is shockblaster. Continue going down into the basement. You will see a coal golem. Rip of his eye and mask by holding R2 when it says slam push L2. When you see a door thats half open shock blast it with R2. It will open. Get your slimmer out and slim all the black slim. Now you kill the librarian.

After killing the Librarian, interact with the small portal, by pressing x. When you enter the door keeping running into the portals, one portal will explode. You will see a door infront of you. Go up to it. Turn right, go through that portal. You will face another book golem. You will see a portal now. Dont go in it. Wait for your teem mate. Slim tether the gate, which is L2, 4 times. You will see a door, go through it. There you will need the slim tether the door. Kepp slimming it till you can go through. You will see a portal, go through it. Run through the hallway. Turn left. You will see a portal. Try going through it. You will see a ghost. When he dissapears look through every window. Shoot every window untill you find it. After you catch him, you will hear a noise, press triangle. You will see a door that opens. Go through 2 portals. Dont worry about the book bats. You will see another portal run up to it. Go through it. There you will see the paper construct. Shoot it will your proton blaster. you dont have to worry about him just run. Go through another portal. There will be more paper construct. Dont worry just run. If they come after you, shoot them. You will see a little hallway, go through that. Keep following it untill you see a turn. You will see another hallway. Go through that. Now your going to exit. Dont worry about the bats, just run. Whenever your stairs break loose,Slim tether them so you can get them back. When you see the portal, slim tether it so it comes to you. You only have to slim it once. The more you slim tether it the faster it will come to you. You will stay in the ghost world untill you defeat the collector.

After you defeat the collector, you will see a portal with a  guys face on top, go through it. This will be the end of level 4 for ghost busters for ps3.


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    • kmackey32 profile image

      kmackey32 8 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      Ha ha. Yea my son loves it. He explained everything and I typed it up. Hope its ok. If I missed anything let me know. :)

    • expectus profile image

      expectus 8 years ago from Land Downunder

      nice game hints, got this game recently :P its so like me to spend hours trying to kill a big boss who wont actually die till later on hehe