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PS4 vs Xbox One - PS4 WINS!

Updated on January 29, 2015

Initial Choice

Which gaming console do you prefer?

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PS4 vs Xbox One: which is better?
PS4 vs Xbox One: which is better? | Source


I have played FIFA 15 on Xbox One console as well as on PS4, and yes my choice is still PS4. In terms of the video graphics, gaming interface, or the games, PS4 promises to deliver. Although I am a PS gamer since young, I am resolute that my judgement is unbiased and fair. You can trust me. Xbox once impressed me with Halo and Halo 2 but not for long. :) By the end of this hub, I hope to sway your opinion towards buying PS4 and without further ado, let's begin!

My White PS4

Proud to be a PS4 owner!
Proud to be a PS4 owner!

Hardware Specifications Comparison

Xbox One
1.6 GHz AMD 8-core Jaguar CPU x84-x64
1.75GHz AMD 8-core Jaguar CPU x84-x64
Memory Bandwidth
176.0 GB/s
68.3 GB/s
18 Compute Units, 1152 Shader Cores
12 Compute Units, 768 Shader Cores


PS4 boasts a more powerful AMD Radeon GPU as compared to that of Xbox One with 18 Compute Units and 1152 Shader Cores. This means that PS4 would be able to provide the gamers with gaming experience at a greater resolution and better visual effects. Theoretically, PS4's GPU is 50% more powerful than that of Xbox One's. In layman terms, PS4 has higher potential in providing greater in-game graphics. While some may argue that the difference in the graphics amelioration is insignificant, my question to you is - why short change yourself when you already know that Xbox One is unable to deliver gaming graphics as well as PS4 based on its specifications?

A preview of Driveclub's gameplay.
A preview of Driveclub's gameplay. | Source

Exclusive Games

The Halo series has been the name of the Xbox since its first generation whereas Final Fantasy lovers adores PS4 very much for its continuity until its 15th sequel. While its hard to determine which games are 'better', have a look at the list of the arsenal of games that both consoles offer over here.

Nonetheless, I can recommend Driveclub to you, a racing game that is only available on PS4 platform. What's so good about it? It has incredible graphics and gameplay. The controls are user-friendly and easy for the players to maneuver their rides. It also presents a great sense of speed and acceleration of the vehicles, making sure that you can feel the adrenaline rush during the game.

Quoting Justin Towell from GamesRadar, "it's a big deal for a modern racing game to have enough faith in its core handling to eschew driving assists."

If you're a casual gamer looking for arcade games, why not give Driveclub a chance?

Gaming vs Entertainment Hub

Gaming as its Main Focus

One of the plus point for PS4 is that Sony developed PS4 with gamer's positive experience as its top priority. PS4 system is streamlined to ensure its hardware is dedicated to power up your games at great graphics and with full functionality. One thing you can be sure of is that you need not worry about experiencing lag due to inferior hardware during gaming.

The good thing is, PS4 is all geared up for developers to maximize the potential of their games with its incredible system. Well with the amelioration of the GPU and the convenient integration of social sharing functions, it allows the developers to play around with their creativity to provide better gaming experience for their dear gamers.

ACQUIRE Corp. is a Japanese video game developer company and listen to what the CEO, Takuma Endou has to say about the PS4 system:

"How few limitations there were. As a developer, the fewer limitations a console, the easier it is to develop for, so that helps a lot. On the other hand, without limitations, it may be harder to create a 'selling point.'"

My impression of the hardware was, simply put, "chock-full." It has power, memory, a camera – it's the ultimate form of a game machine that can do anything. If I were to say anything negative, it would be that it was very hard to tell what made it unique.

— Takuma Endou, CEO ACQUIRE Corp.
So do you want to own a PS4 controller?
So do you want to own a PS4 controller? | Source

What say you?

Despite all the aforementioned good pointers, it is unfair to claim that PS4 is the best and you must buy PS4. Nope, it really depends on what you want. If you are more inclined to having an excellent gaming experience, go for PS4. If you want a multimedia hub and can play video games at the same time, go for Xbox One.

Food for thought: Nowadays there are so many different variants of devices that are able to provide the multimedia functions, why force all of them onto a single device and hence compromise the gaming quality?

Final Decision

Which gaming console do you prefer?

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