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Puppet Stage For Kids?

Updated on May 7, 2013

Top 4 Puppet Theaters For Home or School Use:

In this article we are going to discuss the best puppet theaters for children of all ages, and why they are so good. I will also reveal the ones that I like most and own.

Puppet shows are so much fun! They are fun for the kids, and fun for the adults. And they are also educational because you can get very creative using different kinds of puppets. But the most educational part is getting your children to participate in the dialogue. They can make it up as they go which is fine at the beginning. But watch them explode with ideas and excitement when you ask them to write their own script.

You absolutely must get a puppet show stage or theater for your home. It's going to be one of the most fun things you do. And it's 'way' more fun that watching Ninja Turtles or Doc McStuffins :-)

Puppettos Theater Stage
Puppettos Theater Stage

Puppettos Theater Stage:

This is the perfect gift to give any young child. My four year old cousin just loves watching finger puppet shows with this play theater stage. I love the convenience of this stage when it comes to carrying it around. It has a handle to pick it up by and it is very light weight because of the foam and soft plush material that it is made of.

This portability is ideal because any child that can bring it in the car or to preschool during play time. Plus, the bottom easily opens up to stand on the floor or table tops. The front of the theater has beautiful stage curtains, which authentically imitate a real theater's dramatic curtain openings.

The sides of the stage even contain extra storage tote pockets to keep your finger puppets in, so you don't lose them. This is extremely helpful because my cousin used to lose her finger puppets all the time, since they are so tiny. Now they can easily be stored in the theater and be taken out of the tote bags at anytime she needs them. She sure does enjoy this toy and it certainly made me her favorite uncle!

One thing you should be aware of is the small size of this theater. The pictures on the box of this theater do a great job at making the stage appear bigger than it really is. Pay special attention to the dimensions that are specified in the item description on the internet or in the fine print of the box.

The theater is approximately 15"x2"x14" all around, which may be suitable if you're putting on a small puppet show. But don't try to get any big puppets on stage or have more than two small puppets performing at one time or you might find it a little crowded to make it effective.

I don't think this will be a huge issue, since little kids are the ones using this toy. But if you are an adult putting on a show for your kids, that's where the size factor might make you uncomfortable.

Overall, this product is definitely fun for any kid over three years old. Plus, it is very inexpensive compared to other theater toys I have seen on the market. So, give this one a try!

Puppettos Theatre Stage Pricing:

Manhattan Toy Puppettos Finger Puppet Theatre Stage
Manhattan Toy Puppettos Finger Puppet Theatre Stage

A really good small theater for kids. And since the price is only $29 it's an easy purchase.

Melissa and Doug Puppet Theater
Melissa and Doug Puppet Theater

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Puppet Theater

One reason I wanted to purchase this theater for my daughter was because of the enormous size of the toy. I have purchased other puppet theater toys in the past and they always seemed so small to me.

This one not only has plenty of room, but it is made out of sturdy wooden material. Of course that also makes it more expensive, but at least you are paying for real quality that shows. It also has a nice chalkboard and clock underneath the stage on the outside.

This is an extra feature I like because you can write titles for your show on the chalkboard. Then you can use the clock to indicate the next time that a show will be performed. This can add extra excitement for kids to spread the word-of-mouth around about the next performance. This toy looks like something that you would find at a carnival or a kids park, which is meant for large groups to watch.

When my 4 year old daughter first received this gift, she loved the display picture and the puppets that were advertised. To both of our disappointments, we found that the Melissa and Doug puppets were not included with the theater. I guess I am partially to blame because I didn't read the fine print on the bottom of the box that stated "Melissa and Doug puppets sold separately."

I just think that it is a little deceiving to display big pictures of those puppets on the box and not actually include them with the stage. But, I didn't let that get me down. I went out and bought the puppets separately and my daughter has been happy with it ever since. Just remember to buy the Melissa and Doug puppets when you buy the theater because you won't have much use for it without them.

Pirate Puppet Show With Melissa and Doug Stage on an iPhone:

This isn't a well shot video but it is cute and gives you an idea of the type of stage you will be getting.

Manhattan Puppet Tent
Manhattan Puppet Tent

Manhattan Toy Puppet Playhouse Theater:

When my son walked past a display of the Manhattan Toy Puppet Playhouse Theater in the store, he immediately wanted it. I can certainly see why he wanted it because it looks so much different than other puppet theaters.

For one thing, it isn't a traditional flat stage with curtains like with other toy theaters. This one is a purple tent that you get inside of. Then, you stick your puppets out of the little opening at the top. I eventually let my son talk me into buying it for him. I was a little hesitant to pay $70 for a toy tent, but I decided to splurge a little.

When we took it out of the box I was a little disappointed to not find any assembly instructions for the tent. I mean all that I saw were pieces of fabric and a bunch of poles, which didn't appear to have any labels on them. So, I didn't know which pole was supposed to go where in the slots of the fabric. Also, the fabric seems to tie only at the base of the tent and it doesn't make it look so round at the bottom.

But what am I supposed to do? The only thing I have to work with for instructions are the pictures on the box. It's pretty bad when a grownup like me can't even figure out how to put a kids' toy together. I eventually had to bring it to a friend of mine who is a carpenter and he got it together for me.

When it's all put together properly, it looks great! My son has a lot of fun using it. Of course, the problem is if I ever have to disassemble it. So to get around that, I decided to leave it assembled at all times.

Since it doesn't collapse easily, then why not leave it as a permanent construction in my kid's room? I mean the material is sturdy and simple to clean. So, if you can get around the construction of this then your kids will have a lot of fun using this theater tent.

Manhattan Playhouse Pricing:

Manhattan Toy Puppet Playhouse Theater
Manhattan Toy Puppet Playhouse Theater

This is a really nice looking, portable puppet stage tent that looks like a giant wizards hat. If you don't mind paying almost $70, and if you don't mind trying to figure out how to put it together - which isn't too bad (I was a little grumpy the day I put it together) you'll find that it's great for your kids. They'll use it for other fun tent activities as well.

Toobeez Puppet Stage TBZ57B:
Toobeez Puppet Stage TBZ57B:

Deluxe Toobeez Puppet Theater TBZ57B:

This deluxe Toobeez puppet theater is a toy that has many uses. First of all, it is one of the biggest puppet theater toys you can buy. If you want to put on a puppet show for a classroom full of students or other large group of people, this is the theater you want to use. There is plenty of space for an adult to hide underneath the stage while you put on a puppet show for your kids. But besides putting on puppet shows, you can transform this toy into many other things besides a stage theater.

With 57 pieces to work with in this kit, it can be converted into a castle, a fort or a playhouse for your kids. This will not only stretch your kids' imaginations, but it will enhance your kids' skills on construction and interaction with others. After all, construction is never a one person job and your kids will have fun getting their friends to help them with the conversions of this toy.

It is certainly a great way to improve the social interaction skills of your child. My son loves taking this Toobeez kit over to friends houses to experiment with different conversions. He even loves taking this out on camping trips and using it as a tent to sleep in.

I didn't even know you could do that with this toy! It really has shown me a creative side of my son that I have never seen before. Of course, it is one of the more expensive toys on the market.

At $150 retail, it is a bit expensive for a children's toy. This is the amount I would usually spend on a video game console for my son. But when you think about it, video game consoles will only rot your kids' brains. At least this toy teaches them actual skills that they will develop into adulthood. So, if I had to spend that kind of money I would still spend it on this toy and you should too.

Toobeez Puppet Stage - TBZ57B Best Pricing Found on Amazon:


It's the most expensive puppet stage for kids but it's worth it because the parts you will work with to put it together are quite good in quality so it will last. And you can get some of your money back through when you kids get older.


Which Puppet Theater Is Right For You? Or Do You Have Other Preferences?

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