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Perfect World - How To Use The Item Mall

Updated on November 22, 2014

Wondering How to Use the Item Mall in Perfect World ?

So, if you read our page on How to Buy Cubigold and you have your cubigold, (zen) you need know how to spend it!! You can do this by hitting "O" (not zero) in-game. It will bring up a screen that has many different things on it that you can buy! The following is a guide on how to buy some of the more useful items in the Item Mall.

Cubigold is the name for the currency used to buy stuff in the item mall in the original version of Perfect World, now called Perfect World Malaysia. It is still up and running so that is why I still use the term in my lenses. Zen only came into being when Perfect World International came online. I am not sure why they changed the name.

Please note some things in the Item Mall say "Forever" on them, and some items will have a certain amount of days. This tells you how long the item will stay in your inventory if you do not use it. In some cases, when you use an item, like an Extension stone for a bank or inventory, the item will disappear once you use it, but the additional bag space is with you forever. Another example is a World Trumpet. The World Trumpet will stay in your bag forever, but once you talk in World Chat, it will use up one world trumpet. Other things like fashion clothes and mounts will stay with you forever until you sell them. So "Forever" just means how long it will stay in your inventory if you do not use it, so be careful when you buy things.

If you want an introduction and information on Perfect World and how to play it, check out my article Introduction to Perfect World

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Now, let's take a closer look at the Item Mall in Perfect World.

Part 1 - Items You Can Buy For Chat

You may look at your chat log and see people talking in yellow text, and wonder what that is, and how you can do it. That is called "World Chat," and everyone on the server can see this chat. In order to talk in world chat, you must buy the privilege. Go to the item mall and click on the category "Other".

On this screen you will see three chat items for purchase. In order to be able to talk in world chat, you have to buy a "World Trumpet." Every time you say one thing in world chat, it uses one world trumpet. So if you buy 10 trumpets, you can say 10 things in world chat. You can buy one world trumpet for 20 cubi-coin, or 10 world trumpets for 1 cubigold 80 cubi-coin. (Remember, 100 cubi-coin is 1 cubi-gold) Once you buy a trumpet, you can type in the command !@ and then what you want to say in your text box to talk in world chat. Another thing you may see in the chatlog is people that have pig face, or bear face emotes. When you start off the game, you have the default yellow faces, or emotes. To open up your emotes, you click on the small green smiley face next to where you type.

If you want to change those faces to be a bear or pig, you must open the item mall and click on the category "Speaker". In this tab there is one speaker that looks like a bear, it costs 1 cubigold and will last forever. When you buy it, it will go into your bag and you must equip it to yourself, you can do so by double clicking on the speaker. In the "Other" category in the above picture, under the trumpets, there is also a pig speaker. This works the same as the bear speaker except two things. One, it only costs 50 cubi-cents and two, only lasts for 7 days. Whether you use it or not, it will disappear in 7 days.

Part 2 - Items You Can Buy to Enlarge Inventory

If you want more bag space, you can either do some annoying quests to get some more bank slot bags, or you can buy extension stones from the item mall. Go to the item mall screen and click on Inventory, then some sub categories will appear under the main categories. Click on the one that says "rare items". There are 3 things on this screen that are most important to you. We will start with the "StoreExtension Stone".

Buying one of these will add 8 extra slots to your bank. Each one costs 3 cubigold, you can buy more than one, and you can extend your bank up to 6 times. Once you buy it, the stone will appear inside your bag. Go to a banker and he should have a quest for you called "Bank Owner's Agony". When you take this quest he will give you two options, one to give him a Storage Extension Stone, and one to find him some materials. Choose the one for the Storage Extension Stone, and then complete the quest. Your bank will now have another 8 slots added on to it!

The next item we will talk about is the "Inventory Extension Stone". These work by the same principle as the Storage Extension Stone, and are on the same page in the item mall.

Each one of these costs 5 cubigold and the item will appear in your bag once you buy it. Again, you have to go to any banker and he will have a quest for you called "Inventory Extension Stone". Take the quest and complete it. Your bag will now have an extra 8 slots in it. Your bag stays the same size on the screen, so you must use a scroll bar to scroll down to the extra slots. Again, you can do this more than once, and up to 6 times.

The last inventory item I will talk about is probably the most useful if you are a werefox. This is the "Pet Cage", and it will allow you to keep an additional pet, by extending the number of pet cages you have, by one. You can hit "P" in-game to see your pet cages.

Each Pet Cage costs 3 . Once you buy the pet cage it will go into your bag, you must go to a pet administrator (like the bankers for inventory extension stones)and get a quest to give her a pet cage, which will increase your pet cages by one. You can have up to 10 pet slots. Having more pet slots lets you have more pets, though you do not need free pet cages to tame pets.

Part 3 - Mounts You Can Buy

At level 30 you can get your own flying mount. If you want to buy flying mounts, go to the Aviation tab in the item mall, and there you will find three sub categories for each race. The humans fly around on giant swords that they stand on. The werebeasts stand on things like flying rays, hawks, ect. The Wing Elves have different wings that they can get, instead of mounts they ride on. Each flying mount looks unique and had a different price in cubigold and some require a higher level then others. They also have different movement speed. You can make any flying mount fly faster (some only for a limited amount of time) by clicking on the fly faster emote.

Once you find the mount you want to get, click buy and it will appear in your inventory. You must equip it to a slot in your equipment screen; the easiest way to do this is just to double click on the mount.

Once you hit level 40, you can buy a ground mount. To do this go the Item Mall and click on Pet Ride.

There are only 6 pet rides you can buy in the item mall, and any race can ride these. Again, each one of these mounts has a different price, and some need higher levels to use than others. These ground mounts, and you summon them much like you would summon a werefox's pet, you do not need to equip them.

Part 4 - Clothes You Can Buy

Have you seen people around wearing cool, unique clothes, like floor length dresses, bikinis, or (Matrix style) trench coats ? These are called Fashion clothes; they go "over" your armor. What this means is that you can have your fashion clothes showing on your character, but you will still have all the buffs, attributes, armor, and anything else that your armor has. When you hit "B" to open your bag and equipment screen, at the top you will see "Normal" and "Fashion", each with a circle next to it. When you first start off, the circle next to "Normal" is checked.

When you check the circle next to fashion, your fashion clothes will be shown on your character. Men can have 3 fashion pieces, shirts, pants and boots. Women can have 4 fashion pieces, shirts, pants, boots and gloves. When you go into the item mall, click on the tab that says Fashion, and you will see a bunch of sub categories. The categories marked with (M) are for men, and (F) are for women.

Each piece of clothing comes separately, and has a different price and level requirement. Make sure you are a high enough level to wear a piece before you buy it! When you buy a piece of clothing, it will go into your inventory, and you must click the "Fashion" button at the top of your equipment screen, and equip the piece of clothing into the correct slot.

Some clothing will come in a color that you can't change, other pieces will come in a random color, bbut you can change the color of them. In order to change the color of a piece of clothing, you must get the color "dye" that you want. Most clothing requires 8 dyes to change the color. Once you get the correct amount of dye in the color you want, you must go to a Lady of Sew (usually near a tailor). You have to put the fashion clothing in the first box and the dye in the second box. You can mix and match any of the clothing and make your own fashion styles!

About the Author - And Imagery Credits

Jade and Bayne are a happy Untamed couple that make their home on Pangu. While Bayne spends his days battling evil outside the den, Jade spends her time in more literary making these informative lenses. They are very happy in a Perfect World. :)

Image Credits ~ The Perfect World Logo is from a fansite package that was offered on the Perfect World Official site in the past. It is no longer offered to fans. All the other pictures, in this lens, are screenshots taken of my own characters, in my Perfect World Account. All of the collages in this lens are original works by Jade, taken from in-game screenshots.

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    julieannbrady 5 years ago

    Gosh, never heard of Perfect World ... sounds interesting. We all could use a little PW I think!

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    anonymous 8 years ago

    PWI is funn to be on, iam a 64 cleric on dreamweaver and love to play every day a couple hours to hang out with new freinds and doing TT :D

    Gratz on this page it was helpfull

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    Beauti 8 years ago

    awesome lens! the cubigold one was good but this one is even better!

  • Jadelynx-HP profile image

    Tracey Boyer 8 years ago from Michigan

    [in reply to Beekla]

    Cubigold is the name for the currency used to buy stuff in the item mall in the original version of Perfect World, now called Perfect World Malaysia. It is still up and running so that is why I still use the term in my lenses.

    Zen only came into being when Perfect World International came online. I am not sure why they changed the name.


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    anonymous 8 years ago

    i'm level 24 winged elf most fun is teaming up with people to do quests....this is fun and people like me because i can heal and revive.....low attack power and defense but workable in a team

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    WOOT tyvm.... im a lvl 17 venomancer :D im on sever heavens tear LOL

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    i like perfect world