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Perfect World - Professions

Updated on July 23, 2018
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Tracey has been writing online for over 10 years. She also is a graphical artist for social media sites. She loves writing about home life!

What are the Professions in Perfect World ?

In Perfect World, there are four professions, Craftsman (Jewelry), Tailoring, Blacksmithing, and Apothecary (Pharmacist). You can learn all four of these professions and make different things, though you need to gather materials from out in the world to make things, and each item needs different materials. At level 5 you get a quest from the elder that tells you to visit the four NPCs that will teach you these professions. Each NPC will give you a quest to gather different things for them. In order to gather materials you must buy a shovel from a Merchandiser for two thousand gold. This shovel will allow you to gather any materials that are out in the world. Once you complete the quest for the NPCs, you have to go to the Elder and learn the professions. You must talk to the Elder whenever you need to level your profession.

I will use the Tailor as an example to teach you how to make items. First you must go to a tailor and talk to her. Select "Armor Produce" and a screen will show up. On the upper right of the screen there is a bar, that bar shows you how close you are to the next level of that profession. When you make items, that bar will slowly fill up. You can mouse over this bar to show exactly how many points you have, and how many points you have to go to level. The first level of the professions you need 10 points, so you must make 10 things. Once the bar completely fills up, you must visit an Elder to learn the next level. In the middle of the screen you can see all of the armor that you can make, and when you click on the armor, its materials will appear in the bottom of the window. Also at the bottom of the window, it will tell you the level required to make that piece of armor. Once you have the mats to create the armor, you hit the create button and it will make the equipment. Note that at lower levels, all the equipment you make will be the same equipment that the vendor sells, though when you create your own armor, you have a chance of adding a special stat to it that the vendor armor does not have.

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Now, lets get on to a more detailed description of each profession


Make Armor to Wear or Sell

Tailoring is used to make armor. In tailoring you can make any type of armor, not just armor that might be useful to you. The kinds of materials you will need will mostly be things like thread and logs. You can get thread from monsters, and you must gather logs. All armor in Perfect World needs different amounts of stats to wear. Depending on what your class is, or what your build is, depends on what type of armor you should or can wear. Melee fighters such as the Werebeast or Warrior's armor should have large physical defense, with little magic defense. The class such as archers should wear armor that has a balance of physical and magical defense, and caster classes such as the elf priest or mage should use armor that has high magical defense and low physical defense. These types of armor just go along with the stats that that class will upgrade the most. Of course, you do not have to follow this, you can make a mage wear heavy armor, but you would have to up the mage's Str and Agi by a lot, but those are not useful stats to a mage.


Make Weapons to Use or Sell !

Blacksmithing is used to make different types of weapons. The materials you will mostly need are different types of iron that you gather in the world, and different types of fat. Just like armor, anyone can use any weapon in the game, though some weapons are meant for some classes more than others. Such as, wands and staffs with a lot of +magic damage and little +physical damage would not be useful to a Warrior, and they would require a lot more intellect to use. Just like tailoring in the above example, your weapons have a chance to have a random extra stat put on them when you craft them.

Apothecary (Pharmacist in Perfect World My)

Make Potions to Use or Sell

Apothecary (Pharmacist) is used to make different potions that you can use. The potions in Perfect World are not like your normal potions you might see in other games. All the mana and health potions heal you for a certain amount over 10 seconds, instead of healing you for a certain amount all at once, and they have a 10 second cooldown on their use. There are also potions that you can make that will give you both health and mana back at the same time. Different potions will require you to be different levels for you to use them. The materials you will need to make potions is mostly herbs. Unlike the other professions, making potions does not give them extra stats, though you can make healing potions that are much more powerful then what the vendor sells.

Craftsman (Jeweler inPerfect World My)

Make Acessories to Use or Sell

The profession of Craftsman (Jeweler) is used to make necklaces, rings, and belts. The materials you will need will mostly be jades, which you can buy from a merchandiser or find off monsters, thread, and ore that you will get from mines. These items will all give you different buffs, and you should pick the one that will best suit your class. Necklaces usually give you things like +physical defense and +dodge, and the same goes with waist adorns. Rings will usually give you things like +physical or +magical damage. Like the other professions, you have a chance when making these things to add another special stat.

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About the Author - A Happy Untamed Couple

Jade and Bayne are a happy Untamed couple that make their home on Pangu. While Bayne spends his days battling evil outside the den, Jade spends her time in more literary making these informative lenses. They are very happy in a Perfect World. :)

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    9 years ago

    hey, i made a new account just recently. i dont knw what class to lvl !!! the barbarian looks cool and i got a lvl 11...but tanking my thing ? do they look cool in high lvl gear ? and what kind of mounts do i get !!! ????

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    I like tailoring best I just wish that thread was not so expensive to buy. Thank you for this it helped me decide. :)

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    thank you for this guide,its very helpful =P


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