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Race Car Games

Updated on February 17, 2016

Do You Have The Need For Speed In Your Blood?

Man's need for competition and speed is just one of those unexplained little mysteries of life.

It doesn't matter if you are driving, watching someone else, or simply playing a video game, racing is exciting. So buckle up your seat belt, get your crash test dummy in the drivers seat, and get ready to enjoy a few laps around the track.

Pictures on this article are from my family's personal photo album

Free On The HotWheels Site

Hotwheels practically stole the heart of every young kid when in 1968 they came out with their toy car line up of vehicles. These tiny little toy vehicles came in virtually every style and color that a kid could want and boys and girls from 1 to 101 fell in love with them.

So when it comes to free online car games you just know that the official HotWheels site is going to do it right. The has race car games that you know are going to get your heart pumping just a wee bit faster.

HotWheels Slot Game.

Hot Wheels Slot Car Racing
Hot Wheels Slot Car Racing

Start your engine. This computer PC game has it all. It has straight track, loops, jumps, dips, and dives. It's a race car game that is going to get your heart pumping just a wee bit faster. Pop on your helmet, do up your seat belt, and get ready to drive.


Come Visit KIZI

Kizi is a free game website that pretty much has everything that a kid could want or need. To be a great site for kids this one is number one. KIZI includes an amazing selection of games for both girls and boys and it has tons of racing games for kids to play.

I was scanning the list of games and, low and behold, there was indeed some fine race car games there as well as some monster truck ones that are sure to add a thrill to your day. So be sure to check out and see if you like their versions.

Download Free Games

Featuring a large selection of free download games including a full page of car games is the website. You can get a free download for a race car, semi long haul trucker, school bus, street race, or tough stuff monster truck race game here.

All the race car games on this website are free, or free to try, so check it out and give their games a try. There is something on this free games website for everyone and these car race games are sure to bring out the Nascar driver in you. Strap on your helmet and prepare to hit the race track on one of these spectacular free online car and truck race games.

Even Monopoly has gotten into the spirit

Monopoly Cars 2 Race Track Game
Monopoly Cars 2 Race Track Game

Even Monopoly has gotten into the race car game with their rendition of racing at it's best. It's a board game too good to miss.


Who knows racing better than Nascar?

The official Nascar website offers up a handful of free online games that are great fun for car buffs of all ages. They also feature a Fantasy car race game which you just know that you are gonna want to try your hand at. is more like going off to the races, but that's okay, it's a fun game to waste a little time at each day. You do have to register to play.

Nascar For Xbox

NASCAR The Game 2011 - Xbox 360
NASCAR The Game 2011 - Xbox 360

If Xbox is your video game system of choice then check out one of their famous car race games. Feel like you are right there, heart pumping, tires squealing, and the checkered flag welcoming you home.


Play it safe

Never participate in illegal street car races.

Satisfy your need for speed out on a race track or on a race car game track.

Warner Bros Kids Free Game Site.

One of my favorite free games sites is the Warner Bros website. They have the most amazing games but just know that on their race games that you are probably going to be racing in a rocket, on skis, or some such other silly stuff in their games because after all this is a cartoon website.

Don't pass this game site by though because you think that it may be too childish for you. You just might be surprised how much you'll enjoy the race games that you discover at the Be sure to check out the Scoobydoo Graveyard Dash's a blast.

Mario and the crew are just too much race game fun to miss out on.

Mario Wii cart race game

Mario Kart Wii with Wii Wheel
Mario Kart Wii with Wii Wheel

Get ready to hit the roads with Mario and the crew. This is action packed racing in a futuristic cart race car game like you have never experienced before.


Race car games are not all bad

Did you know that playing race car games, and other video games as well, will enhance a person's hand eye coordination significantly?

Studies have shown that the average person who plays video games on a regular basis are more aware of their surroundings in everyday activities. People who were old enough to drive, were able to focus more on, not only the road, but the things happening on the sides of the road as well. The drivers who were not "gamers" didn't focus as well in those areas.

In other words, the people who played action video games were able to process visual information a lot better. So the next time your son or daughter asks if they can play a video game, remember what benefits that can actually come from this source of addiction... just monitor the time spent on these video games where fitness is concerned, because even our hand eye coordination needs practice every now and again.

What is your favorite race car game?

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    • JoleneBelmain profile image

      JoleneBelmain 5 years ago

      @Sylvestermouse: I loved race car games as a child, and my son's favourite games are race car games also... wonder where he got that from hmmmm lol.

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 5 years ago from United States

      These race car games all look like a lot of fun!

    • JoleneBelmain profile image

      JoleneBelmain 5 years ago

      @anonymous: My youngest boy is also a huge gamer (I don't see that changing any time soon lol) Thank-you so much for the congrats, I am so excited... almost the day that we are to be Lucky In Love :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      My youngest adult son is a gamer, and loves race games.

      This looks like a great list of games, I'm not a gamer.

      Congratulations on the soon up-coming wedding. :)

    • JoleneBelmain profile image

      JoleneBelmain 6 years ago

      @Lady Lorelei: They do have one race game, kind of, it's called taxi (located in Games App) and you race and jump other cars. You don't race other people though, it's just you against the clock.

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 6 years ago from Canada

      Pogo used to have a Need for Speed race game on their site and I loved it. They have since removed it and no longer have any race car games which kind of reminds me that I was going to contact them and see if they could get one onto their site. Paul looks great in the introduction photo ;)