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Rage of 3 Kingdoms | Ways to Have More Silver and Gold

Updated on January 5, 2013

Rage of 3 Kingdoms

Rage of 3 Kingdoms is one of the newest, most popular and the best military strategy game I have found in the net. Rage of 3 kingdoms is a browser based mmorpg. You can play without downloading a client.

I started playing this game when the second server in Asia was launched. This game is very addicting. I played almost all day and night. I kept on searching for strategy but unfortunately, I cannot find any. Maybe because the game is still fairly new.

If you are looking for ways to earn lots of silvers and gold in rage of 3 kingdoms to support your army. Here are some of the sure ways to earn in-game silver and gold.

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Rage of 3 Kingdoms

Ways to gain more in-game Silver

  1. Taxation and Daily Salary - Taxation is one of the most basic way to gain silvers. During taxation there are random questions and based on your answer you can e rewarded of additional silver. If your town have lower satisfaction, you will get lower tax. Region development or investment also helps on higher taxation. Do not forget to get your daily salary, the higher your rank, the higher salary you can get.
  2. Selling produce items on Workshop - You can produce different items like tea, silk and many more. If your products were left there when the game server refresh, you will get the NPC value for your products, but if you sell them by clicking your neighbors on your region, you can get up to 200% of their value.
  3. Selling equipments at shop - It is another way to earn silver in RO3K. You cannot sell an upgraded equipment so be sure that before selling your equipments, you still have room for silvers because you can have a silver refund after downgrading your equipment.

    You can also use the appoint system on the shop and you can get highly expensive equipment. You have the option to sell or use the items you want.

  4. Completing quest and daily activities - Everyday there are plenty of quest aside from the main quest. The rewards are very nice. You can refresh the daily quest if you think the quest is hard for you.
  5. Joining in Arena or betting on players After reaching level 60, you can join arena, if you belong to top 64, you can get fame, merit and 60,000 silvers. If you bet on a player and he won the battle, you can get 90,000 silvers and 5 gold. Note that when you become eligible on top 64, you cannot bet on any contestant.
  6. Patrol system - Patrol refresh 4 times daily. It's like a lottery that you can get random rewards. By patrolling, you can get, silvers, gold and equipment.
  7. Silver Mine - You can only have 1 silver mine when you are low level, upon reaching higher fame, you can have 2 spots. If someone took your place in less than 3 hours, you still can get the portion of that.
  8. Random Events - There are lots of random events happening on rage of 3 kingdoms. Currently the event is called Judgement day and the reward everyday is 10,000 silver.
  9. Food Trading - In Rage of 3 Kingdoms, you can use the principle of buy low sell high. When the price is very low, you can buy food and then when the rice reach higher you can sell your food. Using this technique in rage of kingdoms will make you really famous and rich.
  10. Jars Game The highest amount I took from Jars game is almost 400,000 silver. Once a day you can get a chance to open 8 jars which have buns, wine, meat and silver as a reward. Buns, meat and wine are use for epiphany of characters, so use wisely.

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Ways to Earn Gold for Free

Gold is very important in rage of 3 kingdoms. They have so many uses that you will really give so much importance to the value of gold.

Gold can make all things faster and easier. If you are looking for many ways to get gold without using real money to buy gold. Here are some of the things you can do.

  1. Completing the quest and daily activities - After reaching higher level, rewards for completing the quest becomes even bigger. Rewards are not limited to silver but also gold.
  2. During taxation after having Gold Mint - After having gold mint and using 12 normal turns for taxation, sometimes I can have 20 gold as a reward together with silver and other bonuses like morale and fame.
  3. Betting in Arena Cup - Betting in arena cup will let you earn 10 gold aside from 90,000 silver if your guess is right. Betting on arena cup will only ask you for 5,000 silver.
  4. Patrol - Patrolling give gold rewards. Golds are very seldom but still you have a change to try your luck for 16 times a day.
  5. Random Event - I was very lucky when I join the second server when it was launched last August 10 because I got gold reward.

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