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Rampage arcade

Updated on December 5, 2016
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially movies, and actors. she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

Rampaging through the change purse

When I was a kid in the 80s and even the 90s the closest arcade here was Nathan's and was also 'THE' hangout'. I fondly remember playing a few pinball games and racing games, (I got on the Pole Position board a few times) aside from those, I was never really into arcade games but would try a game of each (as long as the money lasted).

Then I came across Rampage, the game that you can take your frustrations out and not be arressted for! The idea is to create as much destruction as possible, among the buildings and eating people, easy right? Nope, you could still die by eating certain things as well as being shot at too much and so on.

So grab a fistfull of quarters (and maybe a friend or 2 as this is up to 3 players) and come join me.. so long as I can use Lizzy! (or the werewolf)

This lens was highlighted on the Favorite Game Highlight Reel

The Monster movie game

Like Godzilla, king Kong & movies like Pacific Rim?

Then this is a game for you.

Lizzy and George are reminice of Godzilla & King Kong as for Ralph, he's a Giant werewolf that when he 'dies' he turns into an elderly man. (The other 2 would be a middle aged man & Lizzie a Young woman)

Which one do you choose?

I can't remember if I used Lizzy or Ralph prob. Ralph but definitely NEVER the Ape!
I can't remember if I used Lizzy or Ralph prob. Ralph but definitely NEVER the Ape!

Select your character

Which one of the characters would you use when you play the game (or have played it or currently do)

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Origins and more

History and more

From what I can remember the Game showed up in the mid to late 80s, I'd say from around 1984-87, published and created by Bally Midway games. The people are transformed into the monsters from that age old reason of radioactive waste.

You pretend you are Godzilla (or some size monster like that) once the building crumbles into pebbles, you advance to the next round.

So on the new game you can play the retro version or the new version, and on the new version you can open more monsters. I usually only play as Ralph so I can't really tell ya what many of the characters you can unlock are, one that comes to mind is a lion I think another is a Creature from the black lagoon type. There's quests you can get bonus points like eating so many bikers, a certain amount of destruction or finding certain items like flags etc.

I usually play the new version now as there's so much more to destroy and has better graphics, I just wish I had a Wii to see how that version works!

Rampage Total Destruction - PlayStation 2
Rampage Total Destruction - PlayStation 2

You don't know how happy I was when I saw this was available for Playstation 2. (Which was the last system we purchased aside from my Nintendo DS (not 3D)

This has both the classic version of the game as well as the new and way more fun version. So it's even funnier when they go back to being human. Basically the idea of the game is to just destroy everything while picking up power ups but be careful of those Radiation signs and other items that take your life away. Destroy Buildings (where you find the items) Follow 'quests' like destroying 5 cars or eating 5 people and you can unlock new characters.


Well now I REALLY want a Wii

Now that Nathan's was razed, to make yet ANOTHER shopping plaza (or at least building in one) with a smaller Nathan's (ours was the 2nd) There is not even one Pinball machine (hey Video Pinball not as much fun as the stand ups) they could at least include a small area with at least 1 pinball game or a play area for the kids (as they had some of those rides, & kids games (with the tickets) as well as ticket games in the arcade. Now a Rampage pinball machine would be a great idea!

Rampage: Total Destruction - Nintendo Wii
Rampage: Total Destruction - Nintendo Wii

If there is a reason I want a Wii its definitely knowing there is a Rampage for it. (I wanted one before this for the exercise type games love the boxing but if I can use the controller with this like I do the boxing... OH man! I'd probably break the game!)


So have or would you play this? - comments

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