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Reborn Baby Doll Kits

Updated on March 23, 2011

Reborn Kits

Quite a number of years ago my wife purchased a reborn kit and started the process of creating a life like new born doll. While the process interested me that was about as far as I got. Meaning that I didn't understand the fascination with these reborn dolls. Remembering that when I was a child I had 5 sisters , well I still do. They are all younger and my mother made us take turns changing the the new babies diapers and feeding the baby etc.

When I was younger I sort of resented it because it was hard to understand that my mom needed help. What I am getting at is that these reborn babies sometimes serve a special purpose in many peoples life. Many of us including me feel very calm when I hold a new baby. It brings back alot of childhood memories when I hold a real baby. Much to my surprise these reborn babies are so real that you mind and your body have a similar response.

If you watch the video Reborn Baby Dolls BBC Documentary that I have posted you will see that these little guys can be very helpful to many different people. Even though most of us think that these reborn dolls are just for fun many people are finding comfort in owning one. You can check out all the reborn dolls and reborn doll kits on Ebay and Amazon that I have posted on this hub. You will find some very realistic looking reborn dolls and plenty of great deals on reborn doll kits. It took my wife a few weeks to create her doll, but I know that it is something that she really enjoyed and any of us can do it to some degree.

We have purchase total kits and sent then as gifts. It is truly amazing how much they become part of the family. I also have a Miniature Doll Website.

Reborn Baby Dolls BBC Documentary

Reborn Dolls


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    David at Front Porch Babies 6 years ago

    There's a new hand craft that is growing in popularity - the art of retouching and remaking a baby doll so that it looks and feels as life-like as possible. This new budding art form is called "reborning", and can be a fun and rewarding craft for the beginner and expert handcrafter alike.