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Redneck Life Board Game: Gut Busting Family Fun for Christmas

Updated on December 12, 2014

The Redneck Life Board Game

When I first came across the Redneck Life Board Game I had to blink my eyes a couple of times. Surely, they HAVE to be kidding right?

Now, I'm from the UK and I'll admit that we don't get rednecks roaming around these parts.

Although I think the closest we have to the redneck breed would be chavs (typically characterized as orange tanned, tracksuit wearing, uncouth Burberry loving loudmouths with pimped out cars and big jewelry); but we don't have any games about them.

Books yes, but games? No.

So I find the whole concept of a redneck themed game fascinating.

And it looks as though I'm certainly not alone in that as people are buying this game in droves and LOVING it! It seems that this game is a dead cert for many Christmas lists this year.

Anyway, with me being me, I just have to find out what the big deal is; what is this game all about and why in the world are people so taken with playing it.

redneck life board game
redneck life board game

What is the Redneck Life Game All About?

This game is all about the gags.

It's sort of like Monopoly, in that you throw the dice in order to move around the game but there are all sorts of obstacles thrown in your path. However, unlike Monopoly, the object of this game isn't to make it onto the Forbes rich list.

Oh no! The object is to finish the game while having as many teeth in tact as possible; the person with the most teeth reigns as champion.

Interesting! And already I can see what makes this game so darn funny.

Redneck Life Board Game
Redneck Life Board Game

A game of wits?

Not quite, but if you enjoy a good belly laugh and have a bunch of friends and family who do too, then this is the game for you.

Suitable for ages 13 years and up.

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What's in the Box?

Each Redneck Life Board Game comes with a set of score sheets, which provide the profile for your character in the game.

The sheets detail things like how much money you have, what you do for a living (if anything at all), how many kids you have, the value of your car etc. It's also a record for how many teeth you have too.

Inside the box you'll also get:

  • A set of dice
  • Pawn pieces, but feel free to substitute those for bottle caps
  • Play money
  • Property and vehicle cards
  • The board

The Redneck Life Board Game is rated rated 4.6 out of 5 stars by Amazon reviewers

How Do You Play the Redneck Life Game?

All players start out with 28 teeth on the score sheet.

You roll the dice to start, but the first roll of the dice is the one that determines the redneck name you'll be playing under in the game.

Names like Bubba Ray, Big Bubba, Hubba Bubba... Yep, I'm sure you get the picture.

With each subsequent turn of the dice you move your pawn the corresponding number of spaces. The space or square you eventually land on will tell you what your fate is.

For example, you may get to move 5 spaces and land on a square that says 'milk a cow and get 10 bucks'. Or you might land on a square that involves you losing a tooth or two. Basically, there are certain events that cause you to lose teeth as you progress through the game.

Whenever you do lose a tooth, you'll need to record the unfortunate loss on your score card.

There are certain points in the game where your character gets to do 'normal' life things like go to school, get a job, make enough money to buy a car or a house, get married and have young 'uns or get divorced.

Note that with every possession you acquire, you'll get more and more into debt, which could ultimately cause you to lose teeth if you can't repay that debt in time.

Just When You Thought the Redneck Game Was Getting Tired - Up they pop with an extension

Redneck Life Bustin' a Gut Expansion
Redneck Life Bustin' a Gut Expansion

This extension is said to help keep the fun and laughs rolling.

With this set you get additional houses, rigs and more redneck slapstick.

Here's what one happy reviewer had to say:

"... love this because it made the game fresh again! If you are a fan of Redneck Life you will want to get this!"


Should You Buy the Redneck Life Board Game?

Well that really does come down to your sense of humor and level of tolerance.

Personally, I find the losing all your teeth thing funny to boot - but I have a goofy (yep that's a pun) sense of humor and love laughter.

Still I do imagine if you've played this game more than a few times, the novelty will eventually wear off. But I guess you can say the same of any board game right? They all have a shelf life.

Anyway, how cool is it to re-discover an old game you haven't played in a while and realize how much fun you're having playing it once again?

This is what I say; if you think you'll enjoy the funny redneck jokes and innuendos, then go for it. The game doesn't cost a whole bunch and it's certainly great entertainment value that will have you and your family in stitches.

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My verdict on the Redneck Life Board Game is that it would make an excellent after Christmas dinner game if you fancy a good belly laugh.

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    • melmik profile image

      melmik 5 years ago

      We have this game and absolutely LOVE it! Always a hoot! Ain't nuthin' better than losin' your teef while moonin' the cuzins and throwin' back some moonshine!

    • mjoonline profile image

      mjoonline 5 years ago

      @anonymous: Lol. Quite a way you have with words there. :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      This lens is slicker than a harpooned hippo on a banana tree. Hilarious game!

    • mjoonline profile image

      mjoonline 5 years ago

      @Pete Schultz: Lol. I'm still thinking about my fave saying but this is a good 'un.

    • profile image

      Pete Schultz 5 years ago

      most common redneck last words: "Hold my beer and watch this"