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Remember Me Get Into the Central Memory Server and Defeat H3O

Updated on June 22, 2013

Remember Me Get to the Central Memory Server and Defeat H3O

H3O may look menacing but is actually easy to defeat.
H3O may look menacing but is actually easy to defeat.

In Remember Me, Charles Cartier-Wells sits inside his Conception Cube, contemplating what went wrong in his Memorize algorithm and reminiscing about the past. Nilin must enter the Conception Cube and persuade her father to forget about his Memorize project and allow her to shut down the Central Memory Server forever. This will guide Nilin on how to enter the Conception Cube, remix the Memory of Charles Cartier Wells, get into the central memory server and then defeat H3O, the final boss of Remember Me.

Remember Me Enter the Conception Cube

There is a final sequence of battle with the leaper minions before Nilin can enter the Conception Cube. These series of battles should be quite easy now for Nilin. The first battle will involve leapers and nephalims. The second battle will involve leapers and two skinners.

For the second battle, finish off the leapers around the skinner. Then use Sensen DOS to stun one of the leapers. Use heavy damage pressen combos to defeat the first skinner. With the first skinner gone, the second skinner will drop his berserk shield. Use damage pressens to finish the second skinner. Once this battle is over, the shield leading to the Conception Cube will be dropped.

Enter the Conception Cube

Remember Me Remix Memory of Charles Cartier-Wells

Remember me create a memory bug in Nilin's memory
Remember me create a memory bug in Nilin's memory

Remember Me Remix the Memory of Charles Cartier-Wells

This will begin Episode 8 – Sins of Our Fathers. Charles Cartier-Wells sits in the middle of a globe of floating memories, living and reliving the moments he treasures and reliving the memorable moments over and over again. Nilin must find a way through to her father.

Nilin must first physically get close to her father. Climb more ledges and stop just outside the globe of memories. Now reach out and remix Charles’ memory.

This is the peak of the remixing abilities of Nilin. She must remix the remixed memories of Charles Cartier-Wells. In the original memory, Charles Cartier-Wells is engaged in the First Remix, using his spammer gloves to remix Nilin’s memories of the car crash. He remixes Nilin’s memories so that she forgets the car crash.

Go into the fray and tag on the memory alteration and remix the remix. The first step is to find the glitch in the hack glove prototype and go into the remix. The remixed memories are those of the car crash. The objective here is to trigger the memory bug in the car crash.

The following are needed to achieve the memory bug –

  • the cup holder glitch
  • Nilin’s seat belt
  • The windscreen break
  • Jax’s the robot teddy bear’s malfunction and repair
  • The short circuit in the electric socket

Nilin dies as a result of the car crash. A memory bug is created, causing Charles to believe he has caused Nilin’s death in the first remix.

The globe of memory fades. Nilin walks past the fading memories and reunites with her father.

Watch the family reunion, unlock the gates and then take the first step to the central memory server. It’s time to end this.

Remember Me Get to the Central Memory Server and Defeat H3O

The path to the central memory server is pretty choreographed, and involves Nilin following her own childhood remembrance to the central memory server. Along the way, she starts to remember why she often came to the memory server, and what she did there. It was mostly to cry. Nilin finally remembers who the actual consciousness within the central memory server is as she walks into the central chamber housing the memory server.

Nilin now faces a fight with H3O, the final boss of the game. This is actually a really easy fight involving three stages.

  • In Stage 1, defeat some leapers and then use Fury on the Black Cube. Then follow the sequence of events and destroy the first part of H3O's health.
  • This will start stage 2. Nilin must engage some remembrance enforcers. Dodge them and then launch Rust in Pieces on the Seraphim. The Seraphim will attack and destroy the Black Cube. Nilin will enter the sequence of events and destroy the second part of H3O's health.
  • Finally, it is stage 3. In Stage 3, Nilin must face an overwhelming numbers of leapers. Use them to regenerate health and then dodge around until she has a chance to use Sensen DOS to reveal the Black Cube. At some point, H3O will launch waves after waves of drop attacks on Nilin. Dodge around and keep attacking the Black Cube with Fury (Nilin may need to use cooldown combos to allow the Fury move or Sensen DOS to cool down faster). Destroy the Black Cube and then follow this up with destroying the Sensen on H3O's neck.

And then watch the final cutscene as H3O's painful memories are released back to everyone in the world. Nilin finally remembers everything.


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