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Remember Me Remix Memory of Scylla Cartier Wells

Updated on February 8, 2014

In Remember Me, Nilin will have to remix the memory of Scylla Cartier-Wells to prevent the leaper reconversion project from being executed. To do this, Nilin must first get to Scylla Cartier-Wells. This will guide Nilin on how to get to Scylla Cartier-Wells and then remix her memory.

Remember Me Get to Scylla Cartier-Wells

Before Nilin can enter the CEO’s office, she must fight off some enforcers. This will be the first time that Nilin will have to deal with leapers enslaved by enforcers.

Next, Nilin will have to enter the code to get into the building. Once in the building, Nilin will have to navigate the following obstacles –

  • Take the left turn and go down the stairs.
  • There will be some drones here. The key here is to go straight and then hide somewhere in the dark corner on the left. Then move forward and hide in the dark corner. Finally, when the drone is out of sight, go forward and turn left into the restricted area.

Enter the CEO Scylla Cartier-Well’s office. It’s time to remix her memory.

Remember Me Remix Scylla Cartier Wells Memory

Remember Me Remix Scylla Cartier Wells Memory
Remember Me Remix Scylla Cartier Wells Memory

Remember Me Remix Scylla Cartier-Well’s Memory

Scylla Cartier-Well is a hard woman, driven into extreme measures by an accident 20.3 years ago. Nilin must reach into her hippocampus and remix her memory and alter her personality and motivation in the present day.

The original memories of Scylla Cartier-Well’s were that of her driving her car and having to divert her attention to her daughter at the back of the car. Eventually, this divided attention will cause Scylla to crash her car. Nilin must remix the memory and make Scylla responsible for the accident. The following must happen –

  • Disengage the drinks holder in the car.
  • Open Scylla’s handbag
  • Activate the robot teddybear (Jax) so that her daughter can get hold of it.
  • Finally, expand the glitch in her memory and cause the windscreen to crack.

When these events are played through in the memory of Scylla 20.3 years ago, it will result in her feeling guilty about the accident. And so, in the present day, Scylla will retract her orders for the leaper reformation project.

Of course, the memory of Scylla Cartier-Wells reveals just who her daughter really is. Watch the cutscene and then continue on in the game.


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