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Remember Me Return to the Leaking Brain

Updated on June 12, 2013

Remember Me Return to Leaking Brain

Remember Me the way back to the Leaking Brain is blocked by leapers - use the structure in the center as an obstacle to prevent the skinner from charging at Nilin.
Remember Me the way back to the Leaking Brain is blocked by leapers - use the structure in the center as an obstacle to prevent the skinner from charging at Nilin.

In Remember Me, after the dam is sabotaged, Edge advises Nilin to return to the Leaking Brain so that they can work out what is their next move. This area is fairly straight-forward and involves Nilin moving around alleyways and using her newly activated Spammer to activate doorways and locked areas.

Whilst going down an alleyway, Nilin spots a leaper run away. However, this particular leaper is too fast and she cannot catch up. Later on, as she advances through the post flood slums of 404, she encounters more leapers. Defeat them and then move on.

After the first set of leapers, use the spammer to open the door and then use Aug-Eye to spot the mysterious leaper again, this time on the roof. Move along more alleyways until Nilin encounters the next set of leapers and a skinner. Defeat them with a variety of combo moves. In this particular fight, Nilin will have to create combos that have lots of regen pressens so that she can regenerate health whilst trying to deal with the leapers and skinner. There will be a lot of them, and Nilin’s health will inevitably drop to dangerous levels. Another alternative will be to arm Nilin with a quick three power combos and then jump around the place. This will create space between Nilin, her current target and the rest of the leapers and skinner. Finish off the current target with quick combo moves and then repeat the technique for the next leaper. Eventually, the leapers and skinner will be defeated.

Once this fight is finished, it’s ledge climbing time again. Climb through all the ledges, open all doors and activate the crane and panel to reach some tunnels beneath Slum 404.

Remember Me Meet the Ghost Leapers

In the tunnels, Nilin keeps hearing things, but she is not sure anything is real. Until she switches on the floodlights and sees the first ghost leaper (otherwise known as the invisible strangler). Could this particular mutation of leaper be what she saw on the surface? Nevertheless, continue on in the tunnels and then climb some ladders until Nilin reaches the underground arena with one floodlight.

The floodlight goes off and the ghost leapers attack. To defeat the ghost leapers, go and switch on the floodlight with the spammer and then the ghost leapers will appear. Use standard moves to finish off the ghost leapers when they are visible.

With the first set of ghost leapers defeated, continue to the next section of climbing and moving along ledges until the next fight with the next set of ghost leapers. In this stressful traumatic moment, Nilin remembers her Sensen DOS, which is a stun special ability that will freeze the ghost leapers, and allow her to attack them. The floodlight can be switched on initially, but halfway through the fight, it will be switched off, and cannot be switched on again until towards the end. Use cooldown pressen to hasten the recovery time of the Sensen DOS and activate it again. Eventually, the ghost leapers will be defeated in semi-darkness.

Remember Me Climbing Pattern

Nilin must create the climbing pattern at the crate monitor control to be able to climb the wall.
Nilin must create the climbing pattern at the crate monitor control to be able to climb the wall.

With the ghost leapers defeated, focus your attention on the monitor platform. Activate it to lower a crate in the center. Climb onto the crate and use the spammer on the wall in front of the monitor on the crate to create a series of pattern which will allow Nilin to climb to the top.

Then continue on until Nilin reaches a turbine. Shut down the turbine, go through it and move on. Nilin will make it back to the Leaking Brain.

Remember Me Fend Off the Leapers and Save the Leaking Brain

The Leaking Brain is under attack by leapers. There will be several sets of fights. The first two sets involve fighting off the leapers. In the third set of fight, Nilin should ignore the leapers at first and aim the Junk Bolt at the tunnel structural weakness and collapse the tunnel opening. This will prevent more leapers from coming out. So use dodge the leapers and get close to the structural weaknesses and fire the junk bolt at the weakened structures before time runs out.

Then use Nilim’s combo moves to finish off the remaining leapers.

It’s time to actually descend into the tunnels and hunt for Johnny.


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