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Remember Me Save Bad Request in Rotten Core Mission

Updated on June 17, 2013

In Remember Me, Nilin must descend into La Bastille Basement. Her mission – rescue Bad Request. This is episode 6 Rotten Core Mission. Nilin will eventually end up with exposing the evil schemes of Dr Quaid. This will guide Nilin as she tries to save Bad Request from Dr Quaid.

Nilin will start right at the bottom of La Bastille. Use the spammer to open the doors of the elevator and get into the elevator. As Nilin enters La Bastille, there are flickers of memory traces around her. Someone has entered La Bastille Basement with her.

Anyhow, Nilin is ignorant of this fact initially. Whilst waiting for the elevator, some leapers arrive. Nilin will have to fight off the leapers. Once the leapers are defeated, Nilin will enter the elevator and Edge will instruct her to find Bad Request’s Pick Socket.

Remember Me Get Bad Request's Pick Socket

Remember Me move the rack down so Nilin can climb into the control room.
Remember Me move the rack down so Nilin can climb into the control room.

Remember Me Find Bad Request’s Pick Socket

Go into the area with the racks hanging above Nilin. Move one of the racks downwards so that Nilin can climb the ledges formed by the rack and then climb into the control room. In the control room, find the spot where Nilin can move the racks from left to right. Keep doing this until Nilin finds the rack that contains Bad Request’s Pick Socket.

Now, it’s time to use the Pick Socket to get deeper into La Bastille and save Bad Request.

Remember Me Use the Pick Socket Through the Windows

Remember to look through the windows and use the pick socket through the windows.
Remember to look through the windows and use the pick socket through the windows.

Remember Me Use Bad Request’s Pick Socket

The idea of the pick socket is to suck the energy out of the door panels and use the energy on another door panel. This will guide Nilin as she tries to use the pick socket to move deeper into the lower levels. Note that only one door panel can have the energy at any one time.

  • First, suck the energy out of the first door panel next to the rack manipulator.
  • Then, use the pick socket to open the door opposite the first door panel.
  • Next, enter the corridor and look through the window of the large room. Use the pick socket to open the door through the window.
  • Enter the room, and close the door. There will be a robot cleaning the table here. Go towards that robot and look for a window in which to shoot Bad Request’s pick socket at a door panel.
  • Go through the now opened door and open the other door and reach an area where a scanner will process Nilin. Be processed and then enter the La Bastille experimental area.

Walk past the corridor and into the Recoversion Area. Bad Request is here, with a reconversion rate of 27%.

Remember Me Sensen Cameo S-pressen

Now, go upstairs and talk to Bad Request through the cell. Bad Request’s cell will be moved away and drones will appear. Climb over the ledge and drop down onto the first floor of the Reconversion area. At this point, enforcers with enslaved leapers will appear. At this point, Nilin will remember her Sensen Cameo S-pressen.

  • Sensen Cameo S-pressen – when activated, Nilin will become invisible, allowing her to sneak to the back of the selected target to overload the target.

It is difficult to defeat the elite enforcer (which causes Nilin to take damage when she hits the elite enforcer) and the enslaved leapers when the leapers are grouped together. It is best to activate Sensen Cameo, become invisible and go to the back of the elite enforcer and overload him. Then, with the enslaved leapers without its commander, the leapers cannot group and will be easy cannon fodder for Nilin.

With the leapers gone, Nilin must find an alternative way up to the second floor.

Remember Me Use Pick Socket to Get to the Second Floor

To get to the second floor, Nilin must use the pick socket creatively.

  • First, close off the emergency ladder power panel.
  • Then, activate the door panel of the trauma room and get into the trauma room. Once in the trauma room, switch off the power in the door panel.
  • Go left and into the elevator. Switch on the elevator and go up to the second floor. Now go left and switch off the power of the elevator from outside. The elevator will go to the first floor.
  • Now go to the area where Bad Request’s cell had been taken out and use the power panel there. The grating will open, allowing Nilin to go through.

Remember Me Get to Bad Request’s Cell

And so, Nilin must get to Bad Request’s cell...... again. Climb a series of ledges and move on to the next platform. Nilin must destroy the cell dispatch system before she can get close to Bad Request’s cell.

Once the cell dispatch system is destroyed, Nilin must climb up onto the ledge and move the cell to the left and then proceed. From here, it’s really just trial and error before Nilin can get to Bad Request’s cell.

It is too late to save Bad Request. Instead, steal his memory, or what little there is left of it.


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