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Rescue Hero's Toys

Updated on April 8, 2013

Change Your Childs Future With Toys

Rescue Heroes outlines numerous rescue staff and their hardware. An animated TV series has additionally been developed with the line of toys. In total, there are 3 seasons of the Rescue Heroes Television show. Rescue Heroes has broadcast on CBS ( 1999-2000 ), Kids' WB ( 2001-2003 ), and Teletoon ( 1999-present ). There has also been one picture released in 2003, called Rescue Heroes : the film.

The animated series tries to educate youngsters correct safety methodologies and the way to deal with issues,eg bullying. Some episodes are meant for a more grown up audience. These episodes are clear, since they show stuff like ways to put out grease fires and unplugging electric apparatus during a lightning hurricane. A young kid wouldn't be in a position to do either of these things, which shows why these episodes are meant for a more grown up audience.

At the end of pretty much every episode, there would be safety tips, some that are meant for a more grown up audience ( e.g. Putting out a grease fire ), and after the safety tips they might generally end the episode with the slogan, Think like a Rescue Hero, think safe.

Giving our children toys about heroes may inspire a child later in life to the benefits of giving back. Yes we know they are in their own imaginery world when playing but planting the right seeds when they are young may lead to a better fulfilling life for them. And that is the point of these toys.

What are rescue heroe's?

escue Heroes are tough and rugged and raring to go to be played with! No wimpy toys permitted in our adventures. Even after four boys and a brood of nieces and nephews our Rescue Heroes were still standing by for more action, and eventually passed on through a charitable event with heaps of life left in them.

They can take a little rough play too. Not a single one of our Rescue Heroes action figures was ever destroyed, which is more than I can say for the drones of other action figures my kids (and my trash can) have seen over the years. Kids play rough, it's just a fact of life. Even the most gentle and calm of children can get a little over zealous at play time. What fun would it be otherwise?

Their stout shape makes them easy for little fingers to manipulate and maneuver. And even great big kids will appreciate the fun features of each character. All the characters come with the tools of their trade, plus a side of imaginative adaptation. You and your child are sure to enjoy hours of fun with rescuing and serving the community with these action figures.

Just a few of the many Rescue Hero Teams Available

Spark your child's imagination:

Rescue Heroes Tool Tech Team - Billy Blazes & Axe

Rescue Heroes Mobile Force - Sam Sparks & Fire Vehicle

Rescue Heroes Mobile Force - Warren Waters & Rover

Rescue Heroes Mobile Force - Kenny Ride & Scooter

Rescue Heroes: Force of Nature - Roger Houston and Comet

Rescue Heroes Mobile Force - Hal E. Copter & Copter

Rescue Heroes Force of Nature: Marshall Law

Is Your Child A Hero In The Making?

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    • Jhangora LM profile image

      Jhangora LM 6 years ago

      I don't have a kid yet, but got lots of nephews and nieces - I love them all but honestly don't think any one of them is a hero in the making ;)