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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Defeating the Hunters

Updated on April 1, 2012

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Defeat Hunter

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Hunter
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Hunter

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Defeating the Hunters

In Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, the Hunters are armored reptilian creatures released by Umbrella to take out the wolfpack in the penultimate mission Expendable. These hunters are deadly, fast, and are all armed with sharp claws to take out each and every member of the wolfpack. In addition, their erratic movements and tough armor make them hard to target and difficult to penetrate respectively. Here, some tactics are offered to make the task of defeating the hunters easier and more enjoyable.

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Defeating the Lickers that lead to the Hunters

Before the wolfpack encounters the hunters, they are trapped in an underground packing space with a lot of lickers. This occurs as the wolfpack is chasing Leon Kennedy through the underground parking space. Leon escapes through a pair of exit doors, and lickers flood into the room from whatever potholes they reside. There are a lot of lickers, and when combined, their destructive prowess and tongue-trapping and damaging abilities will be too overwhelming for the wolfpack.

To defeat the lickers in this area, the squad leader should ideally be positioned at the entrance to the underground parking space and not move too much from this position, except to restore ammunition and get some antiviral vials and healing sprays. By staying at this position, the squad leader is able to ensure that the lickers stay in front of him, and will not be overwhelmed from all directions. Deal with one licker at a time and make sure the other members of the wolfpack are dealing with the other lickers, and always be aware of lickers that can jump out of dark areas and ceiling holes to attack the wolfpack. By doing so, and by applying some patience, the wolfpack should be able to defeat all the lickers and get out of this area into some open space.

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City First Encounter with the Hunters

There are about two encounters with the hunters in this particular mission. The first encounter rudely introduces the hunters in an abrupt manner as Umbrella choppers drop man-size canisters containing these monstrosities onto the battlefield, once the wolf squad comes out of the underground area. This battlefield is already jam packed with zombies, crimson heads and soldiers. With the addition of the hunters for the first time, the wolfpack may be overwhelmed by these huge array of creatures.

The preferred strategy here is just to run past the hunters. However, this cannot happen for a while. The wolfpack must hold off the hunters until enough time has lapsed for the exit to appear on the map. To survive against the hunters in the first encounter, it may be wise to use Vector, who can go into stealth (or camouflage mode) and escape the attention of the hunters for a short while, whilst they focus on the other members of the wolfpack. Next, there are small tunnels in these areas which one can use to escape from the monsters in the battlefield, if only for a while. Note that some of the hunters can actually follow the squad leader into the tunnels. Make sure the squad leader has at least one healing spray and he has to keep firing at the hunter (a shotgun will help greatly) and then flee the tunnel when this happens. Reviving squadmates in this battle is also very important, so that the hunters' attention will be diverted towards them. Use the limited healing sprays and green herbs in this area very sparingly. By deploying all these delay tactics, the squad leader will be able to wait for the opportune moment for the exit to open up, and then run through that into the next section.

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Defeating the Hunters in the Second Encounter

Because the number of monsters in this mission is just too much, as the squad leader Vector, just go into stealth mode, and make a run through the tunnels into the next section. Once out of these tunnels, the wolfpack will come into another open area where it may be better to turn around and take out the zombies in the tunnels behind them. Next, head further into the next area, and see the familiar sight of canisters dropping onto the ground. This time the wolfpack has to defeat the hunters in the second encounter.

The key to defeating the hunters is to go into stealth mode, and then allow the hunters to disperse and then lure the hunters one at a time into the tunnels above (where the zombies reside; hence a good idea to defeat all the zombies before taking on the hunters). The wolfpack will follow the squad leader and the hunter will follow the squad leader. When a two or three (wolfpack squad members) on one (hunter) situation starts to exist in the tunnels, immediately spend all ammunition fire on the hunter. The hunter will be defeated. Now go out into the open, and attract the next hunter into the tunnel. There are about four hunters in this area. Once they are all defeated, the squad leader can head into the next area to look for the safehouse.


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