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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Walkthrough

Updated on March 16, 2015

In Resident Evil Revelations 2, Claire and Moira have been kidnapped from their party and transported to some island. ..somewhere and locked up at the beginning. They must attempt to escape the infernal dungeon where the resident evil has turned all living things inside into something different. This resident evil walkthrough will guide Claire and Moira through how to escape the facility in Episode 1 - Into the Depths.

Miraculously, the door to Claire's cell opens on its own. Claire finds that she now has a bracelet on her wrist. She cannot remove it. She straggles out of the cell, in search of her friend. Within a few steps, she has found Moira. Without much effort and miraculously, the door to her cell opens too. Claire and Moira must team up and escape the facility.

The first part of the game and walkthrough focuses on getting the basics, which includes -

  • Picking up and equipping items. These items include a knife and a pistol, along with the classic green leaves.
  • Claire will then use the knife and pistol on the first zombie.
  • Use the green leaves to heal up.
  • Moira is the touch carrier and will only use blunt weapons

The first part of the walkthrough sees Moira and Claire advancing in rather linear fashion until they reach the keys and key ring on a dead jailer's body. They attempt to get the keys but the jailer's body drops to the bottom. Claire attempts to climb down but the ladder is broken and they have to do it the hard way.

  • Open the door just next to the ladder. Proceed. The important parts in this area are to
  • Find the shotgun
  • Navigate your way to the bottom

Resident Evil 2: Revelations Play as Claire or Moira

  • Learn to switch character. That's right, you can play as either Claire or Moira, although certain situations demand you can only use one character. Claire is the all guns blazing character and Moira is the laid back and shine the torch at the back character. Moira can do backstab stunning of zombies. You can open the inventory and pass good items such as healing items from one character to another.

Finally, the most important part is to find the keys, which is at the top near where the jailer fail, NOT at the bottom. Grab the keys and double back to the other passageway. The real fun is about to begin.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Find the Keg

Get the crowbar for Moira. Search focus the torchlight to find the crowbar.

Moira and Claire get past a hangar type door and then proceed up to a row of locked doors. More mutated zombies lie within. To escape this area, Claire and Moira must find the keg. They travel along, opening one door after another. Eventually, they discover a torture device. The torture device lacks a power supply. Moira and Claire must switch on the power.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Find the Power Source

To find the power source, Claire and Moira must travel to the most dangerous part of the facility yet. They must do the following -

  • Defeat some tough enemies including a helmet protected zombie.
  • Find the key to the power room
  • Switch character and use Moira to climb and get to the power room.
  • Switch back to Claire and escape the closing walls.
  • Finally use the shotgun repeatedly until all the tough enemies are really really dead on the ground.

Go back to the torture device and get the clog. Now double back to the large chamber with the rows of locked zombies. Go put in the clog but be careful, the doors to the zombies are about to be unlocked. This is what you need to do.

  • Turn the fire spitting pot in the direction of the zombies or infected or resident evil mutants and then allow pick off the remaining enemies. Once the enemies are defeated, go back to the cells and search the area for items including ammunition.

With the destruction of the zombies standing in the way between the door and the exit of the facility, go forth and continue the path of destruction and then eventually reach the exit. Once Claire and Moira are outside, they realize that they are actually on an island. Looking ahead, they understand they must head to the tower. There is not much zombie killing between now and the tower, just some weak planks that the heroines must traverse. Once across to the other side, Moira stands over the broadcast area, whilst Claire goes ahead and climbs the tower and readjusts the array to signal to anyone who is possibly within range of this forsaken island.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Use Barry and Natalie to Head to the Tower

Someone is actually listening. That somebody is Barry, possibly Moira's father. He parks his boat just off the coast of the island, and then tries to reach the tower. Just after parking his boat, he meets Natalie. Barry and Natalie's skills are different.

  • Barry is an all guns blazing assault man. He is armed with an assault rifle, and two pistols.
  • Natalie is a finger pointing evil sensing character, who uses stealth and evil detection skills to stay out of harm's way.

These two complement each other quite well, as they strive to get to Claire and Moira at the tower.

To get from the pier to inside the building, do not use the stairs as these stairs are broken, Instead, head left and climb two rocks to get to higher grounds. You know you are on the right track, if you have to slay some bugs, or larvae along the way. Once inside the building, zombies or infected will pile out of the dark places towards Barry. Spray them with firepower. Reserve ammunition from the rifle for the zombies. Use the pistols on the larvae instead. At this point, Natalie will demonstrate her stealth ability. She will crouch and use stealth to get past the enemies. Use Natalie to do this, and Barry to headshot the enemies from the back. Then switch back to Natalie and point and pick up valuable loot on the ground.

The resident evil revelations walkthrough continues with

  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4


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