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Retired Lego Gift Ideas

Updated on May 5, 2013

Retired Legos

Retired Legos are no longer made, but some of the retired legos are the biggest money makers and most popular by far out of any other kind of Lego. Lego fans want to get a hold of these retired collectable legos so that they can build them. Retired Legos are similar to new legos in which they can be displayed, built, and played with, but retired legos give a different feel that you can't find in a new lego set. Explore all of the retired lego sets right here!

Lego Taj Mahal

The Lego Taj Mahal is a retired Lego set based on the actual Taj Mahal in India. This authentic Lego Taj Mahal is a very detailed lego that is easy to carry. Are you looking for a Lego challenge? Well, this is the Lego for you because the Lego Taj Mahal has nearly 6,000 lego pieces. Talk about a lot of pieces. The result is a beautiful castle that looks authentic and close to the real thing.

Lego Taj Mahal Fact

The Lego Taj Mahal has the more pieces than any Lego Set in the world and in history.

How Do You Like The Retired Lego Sets - And Do YOU Have Any Retired Lego Sets?

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    • profile image

      Shop-a-holic 5 years ago

      Very interesting - once again! I don't know what to say to you!

      You are THE "MESSI" of Legos!! I hope you know who "Messi" is?? I think you do 'cos you are also interested in Soccer ?? I am in the UK and a BIG, BIG fan of soccer - mind you we call it "football" in England!!

      You probably have the MOST informative, MOST interesting and MOST entertaining Lens in the WHOLE of Squidoo!!

      CONGRATS AGAIN! I will "bookmark" your Lens and visit often!!