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Risen 2 Free Tahana

Updated on May 11, 2012

Risen 2 Inquisition Tower

Risen 2 Find the Inquisition Tower to Free Tahana
Risen 2 Find the Inquisition Tower to Free Tahana

Risen 2 Free Tahana

In Risen 2, the hero must embark on a quest to free Tahana. Tahana is one of the natives who have been abducted and imprisoned by the Inquisition as he was looking for the Shaganumbi idol near the Inquisition main headquarters at the Sword Coast. This will guide the hero in looking for Tahana, including which way and path to take to find Tahana's prison and the Inquisition Tower, where to look for the key and where to look for the Shaganumbi idol.

Risen 2 Ways to Rescue Tahana

There two main ways to rescue Tahana – a guided tour of the route to freeing Tahana, or a pirate's solo path to freeing Tahana.

To free Tahana using the guided tour, after getting the quest from Chani, speak to Ranapiri. Ranapiri will guide the hero through the jungle and to the intersection of the paths near where Tahana is imprisoned. Monsters encountered in this guided tour include -

  • claw monkeys
  • termite workers
  • firebird
  • cave bat
  • jaguar

The most deadly of the monsters, ironically appears to be the jaguar. To defeat the jaguar, allow Ranapiri to engage the jaguar first and then attack the jaguar from the side whilst he is being attacked or pinned down by the jaguar. Once the jaguar is defeated, Ranapiri will bring the hero to an intersection of paths. Turn around and look for the northwestern path. Head up this path and look for an inquisitor guard called Torres. Note that one of the other paths leads to Puerto Isabella.

The other path that leads to freeing Tahana therefore involves reaching Puerto Isabella first, and then going from the gates of Puerto Isabella and finding this intersection of paths and heading northwest towards the Inquisition Tower.

Risen 2 Speak to Torres and Free Tahana

Speak to Torres to receive a side quest and then head up the path towards Tahana's cell. Speak to Tahana and learn of the existence of the key to his prison, which has been carelessly thrown to an area of the compound of the Inquisition Tower. Search the compound around the tower for the key (see the picture). Take this opportunity to read the book in this area and become aware of the quest for the legendary item the Cannonball.

Risen 2 Location of Key to Free Tahana

Risen 2 Where to Find the Key to Free Tahana
Risen 2 Where to Find the Key to Free Tahana

Risen 2 Location of Shaganumbi Idol

Risen 2 Where to Find the Shaganumbi Idol
Risen 2 Where to Find the Shaganumbi Idol

Risen 2 Escape from the Tower

Use the key to unlock Tahana's cell, and allow him to escape from the tower. Torres will appear to stop the hero and Tahana from escaping. Use your favourite fighting techniques to defeat Torres. After the escape from the Inquisition Tower, Tahana will request that the hero help him search for the Shaganumbi idol. Whilst Tahanna stands guard, spot the little green shiny item on the ground. Pick his up, and follow Tahanna back to the Shaganumbi village.


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