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Risen 2 Get to Pirates' Camp

Updated on May 4, 2012

Risen 2 Get to Pirates' Den

In Risen 2, the nameless hero must get to the pirates' camp or the pirates' den and find Steelbeard. As a low level adventurer, the hero may be outmatched by the monsters that litter the way to the pirates' den. In addition, the hero must find his way to the pirates' camp without a map of the region. Hence, avoiding the monsters or defeating the lesser monsters whilst evading the difficult monsters will be essential as one is struggling to find the true route to the pirates' den. This will guide the nameless hero in finding the fastest route or the route of least resistance to the pirates' camp.

Risen 2 Get to Pirates Camp

Risen 2 Get to Pirates' Camp - Facing the Grave Spider at the cave and finding an opening to get past it (or fighting it)
Risen 2 Get to Pirates' Camp - Facing the Grave Spider at the cave and finding an opening to get past it (or fighting it)

Risen 2 Monsters On Route to Pirates' Camp

The monsters or mobs that the hero will encounter on route to the pirates' camp include the following -

  • Warthogs – these are the weakest of the mobs and provides raw meat when defeated. Raw meat when cooked provides provision for the hero (allows regeneration of health).
  • Sand devils – these crab-like creatures can travel across streams, but are easy to defeat.
  • Claw monkeys – these are ferocious monkeys on the exterior but they are really quite easy to deal with.
  • Worker termites – these can be put down easily, as long as the hero does not allow them to team up. One worker termite will spit venom at the hero; the other will melee attack the termite at close range if they team up.
  • Warrior termites – these are the larger versions of the worker termites which can create a lot more damage and are difficult to defeat.
  • Savages – these are difficult to defeat when they team up against the hero, with one attacking the hero at close range, one attacking Patty, and the last one spearing the hero from afar.
  • Grave Spider – this is a mini-boss by itself. A few bites from its spider maw means the end for the hero.

Risen 2 Sighting the Pirates' Camp

Risen 2 Seeing the Pirates' Camp
Risen 2 Seeing the Pirates' Camp

Risen 2 Choose Your Path to the Pirates' Camp

There are two main paths to the pirates' camp. First, at Tacarigua, continue down the path and find the sugar cane plantation. From there, find the inquisitor (Thompkins) that sells shotguns. Head past him, and find the path dividing left and right.

If the hero takes the left path, this will take him to a cave with the grave spider in it. The hero is likely no match for the grave spider at this stage. Just make a run for it. Make sure the hero's health is maximum if one wants to take this path. Bring some rum and grog (these restore health) along. Run through any narrow opening on the side that the grave spider fails to protect. Keep running and consuming items to restore health as the hero runs. Once the hero is past the grave spider, heal up to maximum and then follow the path past the bridge (the hero has to defeat some monsters) to the pirates' camp.

If the hero takes the right path, this will take him to another inquisitor Vasco. Past this inquisitor, the hero will then find a path that leads down to the savages. They will be too hard to defeat at this stage. Go right and avoid the savages. Find a stream and cross it to reach the outside of the termite nest. If the hero simply runs past the termites, they will not pursue too much and will let the hero escape. Head up a slope and reach a tower that belongs to Jack. Go past this tower, and see a bridge with a waterfall on the right. Cross the rope bridge and defeat some monsters. Go right, and dash past more monsters (mostly warthogs) until the hero sees a wooden fence and structure in the distance. Keep running towards it.

Fence the pirate will be guarding the entrance. If the hero has leveled up the cunning attribute and can silver tongue sweet talk Fence into letting him in, that is good. Otherwise simply go right and follow the boundary of the pirate camp until the back of the pirate camp is reached. The back entrance is open. Go through this entrance and enter the pirate camp. Now aim for the ship in the distance. Go there to find Steelbeard.


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