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RC Boats for Beginners

Updated on February 27, 2014


Hello and welcome! If you are looking for remote control boats that are a bit more for a beginner, you've come to the right place.

There is no specific price range I have set for these remote control boats. I advise you to please check the price before clicking the final BUY button on whatever site I've refered you to.

Also, please note that all of these are ready-to-run (RTR). This means there is no assembly required. All that is needed is to charge the battery, find a body of water (lake or pond is recommended), and drive the thing!

These boats are not list in any particular order, although I have placed the most visually appealing ones first. Just realize that looks aren't everything!

The is one last thing before we get to the good part. Please take a moment and vote in the polls I've included. They let me know what people want, so I can have a little more of an idea what you people want. Thanks in advance!

Storm Engine PX-16 RC Boat

Storm Engine RC Boat

The first boat I've included is the PX-16 Storm Engine. This catamaran-style remote control boat is one of the best-looking within it price range. If you take this boat out for a spin I'm betting you'll impress everyone in sight!

This boat can cruise along at a top speed of 25 mph. The battery lasts, on average, about 20 minutes, although the actual time will depend on how fast you go and how often you pause (although I imagine this probably won't happen to often).

The PX-16 includes what's called a Vector Push. I imagine most of you don't want to go into details, so it basically means you can control it much better. This is accomplished by it's two motors, when one goes faster than the other it turns. Simple logic, right? (Some RC boats only have one motor, and the way these boats turn is by a rudder.) You also have full control, which means you can steer it in all directions, forward and backward, right and left, up and down. (just kidding, the thing can't fly :D )

I think this boat would be great as a gift. The recommended age for driving the Storm Engine PX-16 under supervision is 8 and up. I imagine if a person is in his/her teens, they should probably be able to handle the driving alone.

Speed X-Cyclone RC Racing Boat

36" Speed X-Cyclone RC Boat

The second best one, as far as aesthetic appearance is concerned, is the 37 inch Speed X-Cyclone RC racing boat. This particular craft is also one of the largest craft featured on this webpage.

Like the px-16, this boat, as most other remote control boats do, have full steering controls. Also similar to the previous one, this one also has two motors in the back.

As far as I know, this one comes in two different colors, yellow and white. This one comes with its own batteries, charger and remote control transmitter. So indeed, it is ready to run.

Some of the comments I have read on have mention about the horrible customer service when they buy this boat from HobbyTron. Although I don't really care if you do buy the X-Cyclone from this particular website, I'd advise you to head over there and check them out. Also, if you haven't noticed, all my links go to Amazon.

2757 Grey Thunder EP-775/RTR

Grey Thunder RC Boat

If you want something fast, this is it! If you want the specifics, this boat has a beefy 775 motor that propels this thing through the water at speeds up to 20mph, which is unheard of with a boat of this size. It is 32 inches in length, 10 inches in width, and a little over 7 inches in height.

It's hull has a unique design that enable the boat to slice through even the choppiest wave with ease. This is a great remote control hobby-grade boat that's not to high-maintenance for beginners, and yet is powerful enough to supply hours of fun!

Buy the Grey Thunder on Amazon

12" Mosquito RC Boat Colors

Click thumbnail to view full-size

At 12", this remote control boat is a bit smaller in size. To my knowledge, there are three different colors available for this model. The colors include as follows: white, yellow, and green. I personally think the green one looks the sharpest. :)

This particular RC boat is also a bit slower. Its top speed actually is only 6 1/2 mph, possibly slow enough to drive in a large, in-ground pool. The boat's manufacturers say that it is suitable for all ages.

The time it takes to discharge the battery by usage is 5-10 minutes, although some customers have mentioned that they have bought better batteries that last much longer.

The following list are some of the items that come with the RC boat:

  • RC Transmitter (2 Channels)
  • Rechargeable Battery (7.2V 400mAh Ni-Cd)
  • AC Wall Charger
  • 9 volt battery
  • Stand to put boat on when not in use.
  • Instruction Manual

It is important to note that although the RC transmitter is 2 channel, the boat is not. The RC boat you'll get will be operable in one of the two frequencies, and it is a bummer that, if you buy two, there's no guarantee that the two have different frequencies.

Although this boat has its shortcomings, I think this boat would be a great choice for a beginner.

Balaenoptera Musculus RC Boat

I think you know why I have saved this one until last, this isn't the most realistic looking boat. Aside from that however, the Balaenoptera Musculus does show promise.

It not a very large boat (22 x 11 x 8 inches), however, it does pack a lot of power. Manufacturers say this small-but-mighty boat's top speed is 25mph, which is much faster than even I suspected.

This boat is very similar to the Wind Speed by Syma. Similar dimensions, similar speed, and the same range, which is 300 feet. Total running time of this thing is 20-30 minutes, which is slightly more than the Wind Speed.

So you can see why I say this boat does show promise. I guess this is classic case of (you can't judge a book/boat by its cover. If you want one that's a bit cheaper, yet lacks nothing as far as speed goes, this is the boat to buy!

Concluding Thoughts

I sincerely hope that you have found what you were looking for. If not, please note that the are many more RC boats on Amazon. I would like to advise you though to do your research and make sure that the RC boat is the right one before hitting the buy button. Here are some things to watch out for:

  • Price
  • Speed
  • Range.
  • Size
  • Mfr Recommended Age

Again, I hope you found what you came for, hope you enjoyed your time here. Feel free to visit any of my other articles as well as other articles by other people on squidoo.

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    • ProjectResolute2 profile image

      ProjectResolute2 3 years ago

      @reasonablerobby: That would be fun!!! I'm not quite sure if there's a club like that in our area. We live about 20 miles from notre dame univ.

    • profile image

      reasonablerobby 3 years ago

      These look great - we have a local model club at watermead park in Leicester UK

    • Adventuretravels profile image

      Giovanna Sanguinetti 3 years ago from Perth UK

      I'm sure I can get my 14 year old son interested in one of these!!I l like this lens -a lot!

    • georgepmoola2 profile image

      georgepmoola2 3 years ago

      Boys and toys! I don't own one of these but it is always interesting to see when a local R/C club is down at the local boating lake.

    • trevorjb1406 profile image

      trevorjb1406 3 years ago

      Nice I want one! Still a child at heart!

    • countrypeople profile image

      countrypeople 3 years ago

      They look like a bunch of fun!