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Important things to know about Entropia Universe for new players

Updated on June 26, 2016

Talk on Mentoring

Mentoring and discipleship

As the title of this segment may give away, there is indeed a mentoring system in Entropia Universe.

It is actually quite simple really, all you need is a mentor, a mentor being a player that has any skill above level 15 and secondly must have been playing the game for at least 5 months.

Once you find someone who is willing to mentor you through the game you become a disciple, you have to then fulfill a few tasks and in a month or so (dependent on how often you play the game) you will have filled the progress bar and complete your discipleship.

The main reason that this system is in place is to further tie the community together and for the most part it works, simply because both parties (the disciple and the mentor) receive an award upon the disciple completing his mentoring.

Firstly the mentor receives a random item from the game with a value up to 50 ped ($5) and the disciple receives a brand new suit of armour commonly called "Adjusted Pixie", this armour is a step up from the normal Pixie armour that you can find on the auction and as it is free it means you can save 200+ Ped ($20) on having to buy it yourself.

Upon completing your mentoring you will also have the added advantage of being able to apply to become a mentor yourself after the above mentioned requirements have been met.

Mentoring can be an easy and simple way of earning Ped as it comes at no cost to the Mentor as their only job is to answer questions that the disciple may have and to guide them through the game when asked.

Overall becoming a disciple is easy and can be completed with relative ease, all it takes is a little patience and the rewards are more than worth it for the work you have to put in

For more detailed information check this video out


Now this may seem rather obvious but skills in this game are actually somewhat more important than you may think.

Firstly due to the nature of this game skills are the most important of all, these skills dictate how often the enemy evades your shots or conversely how often you can evade their attacks, how fast you can run away or even how likely you are to succeed in crafting and even mining success.

But avoiding the obvious discussion on how important it is to make sure you get your skills higher and so on, the second reason and not overly well known reason (amongst new players) is that once you get your skills (on any given skill) high enough you can then sell those skills to another player.

The method that this is done by is through the use of an implant and extractor, all you need is to buy a chip insertion/extraction device and some empty skill chips, people in this game are prepared to pay quite a lot of Ped for these chips.

Especially chips aligned towards hunting and crafting, as it will increase their success rate when it comes to their hunts and crafting runs.

What happens to you though is simple, you lose a certain skill level in whatever skill you placed into the chip and have to regain that level again, so whether you are hunting or mining you will still be making Ped.

This isn't so much as something you can do and expect free profit, you still have to put money into ammunition, weapons, armor for hunting or blueprints and materials for crafting, it is however a good way of bolstering your wallet and can be quite useful for making up for a loss on a hunt or craft run.

For more detailed information check out the video, it will go into the benefits of selling skills and how much Ped/Money you can expect to earn from this added endeavour

Owning land

Alongside everything you can already do in this game there is the added ability to buy land deeds, these can be bought in the auction houses on any planet, they are called land area deeds and whilst expensive can yield a nice turn over if you keep them for long enough.

For example the main deeds at this moment in time are Calypso Land Deeds or CLD and Arkadia Underground Deeds, Calypso Land Deeds will pay their owners once per week and dependent on how many of these that you own at any point in time you can make a lot of Ped.

By current markets it can take up to a year to make back the money that you would spend on buying just one of these things, as stated above they are really very expensive ranging anywhere from $3000 - $5000 per land deed.

As for the Arkadia Underground Deeds, these are the cheaper of the two, and they pay out every day, the Arkadia Underground is a place where people go to mine on planet Arkadia, dependent on the games earnings from miners that day you earn a share, again much like the Calypso Land Deeds the more you own the more you earn every day.

Arkadia Underground Deeds can range anywhere from $500 - $2000 for each one dependent on how the current market is of course.

For more information on land deeds I would advise watching this video


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