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SCP-087 (Free Horror Game)

Updated on April 13, 2012

SCP-087 - A true dark descent

The SCP-087 game is based on the story of the same name, about an endless staircase that descent into utter darkness, the further you go the more disturbed you will be as you hear sounds which could be someone crying in the distance..or something breathing right behind you.


Dare you descent into madness?
Dare you descent into madness?

Long Story Short

So what is SCP-087? Well its basically a haunted staircase, yup...doesn't sound very scary at all. However that's easy to say when you're not the one descending the flights, wondering if this is the last step all the while hearing breathing coming closer and closer...and its from behind you.

SCP stands for Secure, Contain and Protect. The website is a list of creatures, anomalies and unexplained mysteries they work to prevent them getting out of control.

My Review

A very simple concept that does what its designed to do, make you fear stairs. For a small download (approx 30mb) it was definitely worth it, the atmosphere gradually becomes more unsettling, and the random generation prevents you from truly knowing when you will encounter 087.

What I enjoyed the most out of this game (besides playing it) was that because of the size I could easily coerce my friends into playing, and watch their terror as they played it. Its always amusing to see people go from "A game that's a stair simulator? Sounds boring" to "Oh my god, please let me stop playing this."

But dont believe me? Try it for yourself, wont take up too much time. Or if you don't think you're brave enough, why not watch someone else play it?

The Spooky Staircase 2012 Playthrough

I had my girlfriend play through to her horror, and your amusement.

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