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Shadowrun Returns Return to the Docks

Updated on July 31, 2013

In Shadowrun Returns, the hero must track down the Emerald City Ripper. To do so, he must return to the docks and rendezvous with Shannon Half-Sky. Shannon will then connect with the spirits and get the required DNA sample needed to identify the Ripper. However, the life of a shadowrunner is never easy. The shadowrunner must have the back of his fellow runners. Hence, when Coyote calls in and ask for a favor, the hero will help Coyote in her personal crusade against the BLT gangs of the city. These two quests involve mostly fights with lots of monsters and tactics will be provided in the Return to the Docks and Coyote's Crusade quest.

Shadowrun Returns Coyote’s Crusade

The hero embarks on another shadowrun with Coyote. This time, Coyote is trying to find her cousin Gino. They must rescue Gino from the BLT pushers. At the entrance, speak to the BLT Clocker and ask him about a passcard. Then either punch him, or just tell him gently to let the team through.

The team of the hero, Paco and Coyote continue on their journeys. Speak to the concerned woman down the corridor and learn that they may be able to get a pass card from Jamal.

Jamal can be found further down the corridor. For this particular hero, an aggressive approach was used. The guard at the door starts firing at the group. Defeat the guard and the enemies within the next room and advance into the corridor. Finish them and then head further inside the compound.

The next battle will not be easy. A BLT decker or Yakuza decker is operating on a network of chipheads (people who have BLT chips in their head and can be controlled via the network), and is forcing the chipheads to attack the hero. Various other BLT pushers (mages, street samurais, etc) are attacking the hero and the team at the same time. Coyote makes things difficult by saying it is “her run, her rules”, meaning she does not want any of the “innocent” chipheads killed.

The tactics to deploy here is one of separate and conquer. Split off the mage hero, Coyote and Paco into three different directions. Note that Paco has the concussion grenades. By moving the three heroes in three directions, it will cause the enemies to split their ranks and attack the heroes in three groups. Aim for the BLT pushers and try not to attack the chipheads. Or just use confusion, concussion grenades or control tactics on the chipheads and use damage dealing, lethal attacks on the BLT pushers. The key here is to advance at least one of the heroes to the Yakuza decker and put him down. The way that the enemies split up to attack the heroes mean that two out of the three heroes will be weighed down by the chipheads, and may not reach the BLT operator without being dealt a lot of damage.

The hero who reaches the Yakuza decker needs to put him out fast. Then seize control of the BLT network and put the chipheads to sleep. Finally, focus all firepower on the BLT pushers and defeat them.

After defeating the BLT pushers, speak to Gino and then return to the Seamstresses Union and stock up on ammunition, medical supplies and the like before embarking on the mission to talk to the spirits in the warehouse.

Shadowrun Returns Return to the Docks

Shadowrun Returns return to the docks to speak to the spirits
Shadowrun Returns return to the docks to speak to the spirits

Shadowrun Returns Return to the Docks

Next up, it’s time to return to the docks and the warehouse to connect with the spirits and get the DNA sample needed find the Emerald City Ripper. Before going to the warehouse, the hero needs to assemble his team of shadowrunners. This means that the hero needs nuyen and enough diversity in his group to eliminate the tough and large numbers of enemies in the warehouse.

When the hero is ready, go to speak to Mr Delilah. For the mage hero accompanied by Shannon Half-Sky (shaman), a tank and a support type fighter is needed. The two ideal characters are –

  • An adept – an adept is like a monk with flashy melee unarmed combat type magic powers that amplifies his close range attacks.
  • A rigger – a rigger is needed to add another fighter (the drone) to the mix to take on the enemies and the large number of enemies in the warehouse fight.

Then tell Mr Delilah that the hero is ready and go to the warehouse.

At the warehouse, there will be a series of fights. The tactics used can be repeated for these series of fights. The largest fight will probably be the one in the compound outside the warehouse. The tactics used include –

  • Arm the mage hero with lots of spells. Spells are useful because once the mage’s willpower is raised to about 7 or 8 by this point, spells cause a lot of damage and almost always hit. Also, the mage has healing which is always useful.
  • Next, use Shannon Half-Sky ‘s haste shaman spell to haste the adept.
  • Move the adept to the largest and most nasty enemy and cast the killing hands spell. Then keep attacking the enemies with unarmed combat (damage is about 15, can be raised to critical damage if possible) until the enemies are down. Being hasted means the adept can move to the enemies faster and has three attacks on the enemies when he or she does not need to move to attack.
  • Finally, rotate the rigger’s attacks until the drone is reached. Turn the drone switch from off to on and allow the drone to tank the group. Move the drone ahead of the pack to check out hidden areas and then use the drone’s heavy damage to take down the enemies.

Shadowrun Returns Get the Ripper's DNA

Shadowrun Returns get the ripper's blood and DNA from the warehouse.
Shadowrun Returns get the ripper's blood and DNA from the warehouse.

Once the compound fight is over, move the group inside the warehouse and repeat the tactics until all the enemies are defeated. Then move Shannon to the southern part of the warehouse and allow Shannon to perform her spell. Talk to the spirits and learn that the ripper, or "the elf" has left a bit of his essence near where the body was found. Go back to the other room and grab the Ripper’s DNA blood sample.

It’s time to head back to the Seamstresses Union and find someone to jack into the Matrix.


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