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Shadowrun Returns Walkthrough

Updated on July 28, 2013

Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns Walkthrough Begins
Shadowrun Returns Walkthrough Begins

Shadowrun Returns Walkthrough Begins

In Shadowrun Returns, the hero starts the adventures chronicled in “the Dead Man’s Switch”, inside his apartment. The hero is out of luck and out of money. He must try to get a job, any job. This Shadowrun Returns walkthrough will take the hero from answering his vidphone in his apartment to investigating Sam Watt’s death in the Coroner’s Office. The walkthrough will show some of the basic combat mechanics in the game.

Shadowrun Returns Answer the Vidphone in the Apartment and Accept the Dead Man’s Switch Quest

Explore around the hero’s apartment. Find that the hero’s contacts are all dried up. The hero has no choice but to answer his vidphone. Sam Watt is dead, but he has activated a last message via the vidphone. He knows he is dead, but he wants the hero to investigate his death. Sam mentions a name from the past – Dowd.

The name conjures up memories of the last battle following Dowd’s demise. That battle took place many years ago. During a shadowrun gone sour, the hero is conversing with his battle-mates. During the conversation, the hero realises that he has been betrayed by his comrade New Larry. The remaining members of the group, the hero, Sam and the half-orc take position and try to repel the enemies swarming into the area.

Use the various options in the fight to get acquainted with the fighting mechanics of the game. During the fight, the heroes will take turns to initiate combat actions. The first thing to do is probably to take cover. Then use the hero’s most powerful weapon to target the enemies. If the hero stands on the original ground and does not take cover, he will have two attacks, but is more easily hit by enemy attacks. First take out New Larry the traitor and then take out the other enemies.

If the hero is hit and is a mage, he can use healing spells to heal up. Use Sam’s weapons (very powerful) to attack the enemies and then take them down. It may be a good idea to finish off the enemy mage or shaman first. Note that one can switch between the different ammunition and change the damage of the weapon (and the number of opponents affected by the weapon).

Once all the enemies are defeated, Sam says he is going to go drinking somewhere. The members within the group separate. Many years later, Sam is dead, and the story continues.

Back in the apartment vidphone, Sam reminds the hero that he had his back those many years ago. Well, for that alone, the hero must take up the job, any job. The hundred thousand nugen in the bank is also a nice reward.

Shadowrun Returns Ask the Coroner About Sam Watts

The hero leaves his apartment and arrives at the Coroner’s Office, which is really the morgue. Coroner Dresden explains to the hero the recent exploits of the Ripper in Emerald City. The Ripper has been hard at work, taking out single organs from his victim. From Sam, it was his liver that was taken out. Also have the pleasure of meeting Detective McKlusky (nasty fellow). After McKlusky leaves, Dresden asks the hero to explore the coroner’s office, and pick up a few things. Go around and explore the morgue coffins. When the hero opens the coffin, a fellow called Jake Armitage jumps out. He is not dead, but has been hibernated to hide from the Halloween gang. Jake agrees to help the hero check out the site of Sam’s death, but only if he helps him clean out the Halloweener gang.

It’s off to Seattle to explore Sam’s murder site.


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