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Shogun 2 Total War Tips

Updated on January 31, 2013

Shogun 2 Total War Tips

Welcome to Shogun 2 Total War -Strategies. If you came here looking for some strategies that can help you win some battle, good choice. This lens will feature a lot of tips and tricks for Sega's newest game, Shogun 2: Total War. If you need help knowing how to counter a Katana Samurai charge, good. If you need to know how to defend against those pesky rebels, great. I hope you enjoy everything this lens has to offer.

Updated: 31 January 2013

Defense In Shogun 2


When defending against your enemy clans, you need to keep a mix of units that will help you and not get you killed. When I am defending, I keep some archers, some gun men, and maybe some infantry. But the main unit you have to use are the archers. The archers can stop a battalion of samurai before they even touch the wall. Bow Samurai are a good choice. Bow Ashigaru is alright, but not as accurate. The best choice would be Bow Warrior Monks, they are accurate as well as deadly. The only downside is their armor. Bow Samurai have armor, range, and medium accuracy, making them pretty well rounded. For support you should have some Katana Samurai on hand as well, in case the enemy make it to the wall. Defending a small castle is the easiest due to not having to pay so much attention on all sides. Keep the Bow Samurai around the walls, especially in the parts where the most enemy troops are marching from. When Samurai start climbing the wall, it's best to either change your Bow Samurai to melee, or switch places with some Katana Samurai.

Shogun 2 vs. Fall of the Samurai

When using a Shogun 2 army against a Fall of the Samurai army, the best idea is to bring some guns of your own, as well as Calvary. You'll need a lot of archers too, because of the range difference between guns and bows. Katana or Yari Samurai can always beat the infantry of a Fall of the Samurai army, providing they are facing a unit armed with guns usually. Some FOTS armies (Fall of the Samurai) use Katana Kachi, or a Spear Levy. These will be a little trickier, so using an extra battalion over them is helpful.

A very important point to be made is about the infamous Gatling Guns. If you've seen them in action, you know what I mean. The Gatling Guns are a force to be reckoned with. The firing speed is unbelievable, and the damage it inflicts is incredible. To defeat a player with these infamous war machines, you need to bring a type of unit very well known. Cavalry. But you can't just charge them. You need to make the cavalry go into lose formation. This lessens the casualties. Now you need around 3 batallions, and they need to be spread out. With this, you can defeat the Gatling Guns. This tactic also works with other artillery, like Parrot Guns or Armstrong Guns.

Anyone who plays Avatar Conquest in Shogun Total War 2 and faced a good FOTS army knows how powerful they are. Some of us may have thought there was no way to beat them. But here I have created a list of units that can help you have a chance against the Fall of the Samurai avatar you're facing. Enjoy.

NOTICE: This requires the Sengoku-Jidai Unit Pack.

1 Bulletproof Samurai

1 Daikyu Samurai

3 Bow Samurai

1 Heavy Gunner

3 Yari Cavalry

Additional Troops

HeirofCarthage's Shogun Total War 2 Tips

The "Rush of Arms" Strategy - A Great Shogun 2 Total War Tip...

The Rush of Arms strategy is pretty useful, especially when the enemy has better units that you. This strategy is cheap, and efficient at times. You use a lot of Ashigaru, and some Samurai. The main theme is that you charge the enemy with full force. You take all of your Ashigaru, with the Samurai, and charge the enemy with all of your units. After engaging all of their melee units, you can let your ranged units fire upon them. This should get the enemy to flee, and the fleeing should spread like a wildfire. You can then win the battle swiftly and easily. Flaming arrows and whistling arrows also help greatly. If you have any infantry Warrior Monks, use their War-cry ability, which can get many enemy units to rout as well.

But, be on guard for enemy reserve units. If the enemy has some reserve units in the woods somewhere, they can flank you, causing all of your men to rout instead of the enemy. If you have any archers not in the fray, get them to fire arrows in the back of their main body, which can cause panic.

Image Credit: My Fantasy Art

Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai Expansion

Shogun Total War 2 Tips - The Sengoku-Jidai Unit Pack

Sengoku Jidai Unit Pack
Sengoku Jidai Unit Pack

The Sengoku Jidai Unit Pack is essential if you like the Avatar Conquest in Shogun Total War 2. You can add a great, unique selection of units to your army. In Shogun 2 Single Player the units are for each faction. One faction has one unit, the other has another. But in Avatar Conquest, you can have multiple Sengoku-Jidai units in your army. Let's look at the units now...

1) Bulletproof Samurai - Faction: Date Clan

Bulletproof armor makes them very strong against matchlocks and guns, but the heavy armor makes them slow. They fight averagely, like what you'd expect from some Yari Samurai. They are not essentially totally resistant against matchlocks, as I saw when I took my Bulletproof Samurai to the walls of a castle, where they were quickly defeated,

2) Marathon Monk - Faction: Uesugi or Ikko Ikki Clans

They are very fast. They are somewhat good at fighting, as they are armed wth a Naginata, but are easily defeated with arrows. It's better to keep them in the reserve, or save them for Ashigaru and such.

3) Hand Mortar - Faction: Hojo Clan

The Hand Mortar is truly a dangerous sort of equipment. The projectiles launched go in a large arch, and when hitting the ground they somewhat remind you of fire rockets. They are extremely vulnerable in melee, and are susceptible to missile fire.

4) Heavy Gunner - Faction: Shimazu Clan

The Heavy Gunners may very well be my favorite of the Sengoku Jidai units. The Heavy Gunner is armed with a rather large rifle, and when firing, the projectile hits the target with a lot of impact, pushing the target backwards. They are pretty much mini cannons. The armor of the Heavy Gunners is somewhat average. They are susceptible to both matchlocks and arrows, and extremely vulnerable to cavalry.

5) Wako Raider - Faction: Mori Clan

Wako Raiders are literally illegal Ashigaru. Their fighting is as good as a simple unit of Yari Ashigaru. The only advantage with Wako Raiders are that they can deploy out of the deployment area, which makes for good ambushes. Very weak against missile fire and cavalry. They can hide almost anywhere, and walk whilst hidden as well.

6) Mounted Gunner - Faction: Tokugawa clan

Mounted Gunners are pretty much Matchlock Samurai with horses. They are pretty decent, nothing extremely particular about them, except that when attacking infantry with skirmish mode on, it helps to have these. They can go up close, fire a volley of bullets, then run away, then come back, fire, then run away. Pretty good skirmishers. When in melee, they can face others, thought they shouldn't be in melee.

7) Bandit - Clan: Hattori Clan

Bandits are altogether a decent unit. The hiding ability makes well for ambushes. Bandits can hide almost anywhere, and fire whilst hidden. Them along with some Wako Raiders make for good ambushes, especially in forest environments. They can hide almost anywhere, and stay hidden while walking, as well.

8) Long-Yari Ashigaru - Faction: Oda Clan

Ashigaru with pikes, they prove well against cavalry due to their exceptionally long yari. This unit is pretty much your average Yari Ashigaru, though with a long yari which makes the unit slower. The armor is basically the same as the Yari Ashigaru.

9) Fire Cavalry - Faction: Takeda Clan

A shock force. Fire Cavalry are very useful in getting the enemy to rout. Their charge is exceptional, especially in the back or flank of a unit. 3 units of Fire Cavalry is a great shock force against Samurai, but as all cavalry are, they are weak against spears. They do well in a melee, too.

10) Daikyu Samurai - Faction: Chosokabe Clan

This unit is pretty much a Japanese long bowman. With very long range and superb accuracy, this unit can pack a punch against units like Warrior Monks. This unit is weak against missiles, and as with all archers, against cavalry. They do well in a melee, due to them being Samurai, but should always be kept out of a melee if possible.

Sengoku-Jidai Units

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Mounted and deadly.Heavy Gunners - blast your enemies to bits.Bulletproof Samurai - resistant to matchlocks.
Mounted and deadly.
Mounted and deadly.
Heavy Gunners - blast your enemies to bits.
Heavy Gunners - blast your enemies to bits.
Bulletproof Samurai - resistant to matchlocks.
Bulletproof Samurai - resistant to matchlocks.

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      5 years ago

      Very well done sweetheart! Proud of you, keep it going! You've written really well here! Big Hug!

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      Very well done Gabe!


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