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Skylanders Character List

Updated on November 7, 2013

Find Your Favorite Skylanders on this Character List

Welcome Skylanders fans to this Skylanders Character List!

This page is all about Skylanders characters, their powers, their abilities, their weapons, and...well, you get the idea.

From the famous Spyro to the not-so-famous Ghost Roaster, you can read about each and every Skylander from both Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders Giants. You won't find the Giants here, but if you want to read about them, visit my Skylander Giants Characters page. See the Skylanders in action in the videos below!

Have fun learning about your favorite characters from Skylands!

Featured image: Skylanders Characters: Spyro ~ Available at Amazon

Fun Skylanders Videos

In this Skylanders Spyro's Adventure trailer, Zook is in the game and Boomer wants him to blow everything up!

In this Skylanders Spyro's Adventure trailer, Pirate Seas is playing. Ships make Eruptor barf!

In this Skylanders Spyro's Adventure trailer, the power of tag team is introduced. Prism Break and Stump Smash work together to beat baddies in Stonetown!

In this Skylanders Spyro's Adventure trailer, another duo is introduced: Stump Smash and Stealth Elf! They sure make one awesome duo!

In this Skylanders Giants trailer, Stump Smash and Terrafin try to find out what is different about Eruptor. Bigger barf!

Skylanders Magic Elements

Skylander Magic Elements

Spyro, Wrecking Ball, Pop Fizz, Voodood, Double Trouble

Spyro is the most famous Magic Element, with his ability to breathe fire and to fly. When he charges, his horns catch on fire, which helps him to run faster! The game Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure even has his name in it.

"All Fired Up!"

Wrecking Ball is really cool when he transforms into a powerful ball (which gives him his name). He has a long frog-like tongue and he can make powerful belches with his mouth.

"Wreck 'n' Roll!"

My favorite Magic Skylander is Pop Fizz. He has toxic chemicals in his lab bottles and has a backpack full of potions, all sorts. Those potions can turn him into a dangerous monster, which makes him stronger and faster.

"Motion to the Potion!"

Voodood has an electric axe that he can perform tricks with, such as pulling himself towards his enemies or pulling them towards each other, hurting them badly.

"Axe First, Questions Later!"

One of the most powerful Magic Elements ever, Double Trouble summons magic bombs and has a magic wand that he can use to zap his enemies. He can cast a magic spell that clones a smaller version of himself (!), which then explodes when approaching his enemies.

"Boom Shock-a-Laka!"

Skylanders Water Elements

Skylander Water Elements

Gill Grunt, Slam Bam, Zap, Chill, Wham-Shell

Gill Grunt is my favorite Water Element. He has a harpoon gun that also shoots water and powerful anchors. He can shoot exploding creatures out of the water hose and has a water jet pack for flying.

"Fear the Fish!"

The strongest Water Element besides Thumpback, Slam Bam has two pairs of arms, giving him twice the strength of anyone his size. He can shoot water at his enemies, freezing them in their path. He can also slide on the ground no matter what it is made of.

"Armed and Dangerous!"

One of the most powerful four-legged Skylanders, Zap can electrocute his enemies and slide on his legs, leaving a trail of toxic water. He can also mix both attacks together by electrocuting the water, making it more dangerous.

"Ride the Lightning!"

Chill is one of the newest Skylanders. She can summon a narwhal to come and attack. She has a shield that can send a wall of ice towards her enemy and can even manipulate water.

"Stay Cool!"

Wham-Shell has a dangerous mace and super-sharp starfish. Even though he looks a bit like a crab, Wham-Shell has no interest in hurting anyone besides his enemies.

"Brace for the Mace!"

Skylanders Tech Elements

Skylander Tech Elements

Trigger Happy, Drobot, Drill Sergeant, Boomer, Sprocket

Trigger Happy is one of the most powerful Tech Elements. He possesses a pair of pistols that can transform into a powerful machine gun. He can also shoot radioactive energy from his guns and launches explosive pots of gold at his enemies.

"No Gold, No Glory!"

Who's more powerful than Drobot? He can fly, launch flying gears, and can shoot dangerous lasers at lightning speeds. He is so powerful, enemies don't stand a chance.

"Blink and Destroy!"

Drill Sergeant has drills for hands, which he can shoot as drill rockets, and has a blaster on his head that can shoot energy. He can power up his wheels so he can drive over smaller enemies.

"Licensed to Drill!"

My favorite Tech Element is Boomer. He has more explosives than any Skylander. He has grenades and sets off land mines, so when enemies walk or run over them, they explode.

"Bring the Boom!"

The newest Tech Element, Sprocket is a master of high-tech gadgets, such as an oversized wrench and land mines. She can build motion-powered turrets and can hop into one, forming it into a mini army tank used for defense. Girl Power!

"The Fix is In!"

Skylanders Earth Elements

Skylander Earth Elements

Terrafin, Dino-Rang, Prism Break, Bash, Flashwing

Terrafin's main power is punching, like many others. He can also swim under the ground! He can alert his land shark friends to come up and attack. His attacks are fast and furious!

"It's Feeding Time!"

Dino-Rang is not completely invincible, but is very difficult to beat. He possesses a pair of boomerangs that he can hit enemies with when he is close and throw when he is at a distance.

"Come 'Rang and Shine!"

Prism Break is my favorite Earth Element. He can reflect light through his crystal-like hands and can form several different prism formations, such as a rain of prisms or a field of prisms around him.

"The Beam is Supreme!"

A favorite to many people, Bash has a mace for a tail, can roll up into a ball and can manipulate earth by pushing it up under his enemies.


One of the most powerful Earth Elements, Flashwing (also the newest Earth Element) can shoot crystal shards from her tail. She can also spin like a top, almost causing her minimal pain, and can create a small crystal shard house.

"Blinded by the Light!"

Skylanders Fire Elements

Skylander Fire Elements

Eruptor, Flameslinger, Hot Dog, Ignitor, Sunburn

One of the most powerful Skylanders ever, Eruptor can erupt lava from his mouth (either in liquid or ball form) and can shoot fire from his "hands." The lava he erupts can also shoot lava beams! He is probably the best Fire Element to have.

"Born to Burn!"

Flameslinger is my favorite Fire Skylander. He is the only Fire Element with no powers, with a bow and flaming arrows and can use the bow to create a ring of fire around his enemies. He can shoot several arrows into the sky and have them drop on his enemies.

"Let the Flames Begin!"

Hot Dog is the newest Fire Element, with his ability to breathe and manipulate fire, and can roll up into a flying ball. When he's in ball form, he can drop on top of his enemies with tremendous pressure.

"See Spot Burn!"

One of the most powerful Fire Elements, Ignitor possesses a flaming sword. He can shoot fire out of hands and can drop it on top of his enemies.

"Slash and Burn!"

A dragon with fiery abilities, Sunburn can breathe fire (just like Hot Dog), can teleport himself, and has dash attack, leaving a trail of fire behind him. If you like dragons, you'll love Sunburn.

"Roast and Toast!"

Skylanders Undead Elements

Skylander Undead Elements

Chop Chop, Hex, Cynder, Fright Rider, Ghost Roaster

Chop Chop is my favorite Undead Element, and is very powerful. He possesses a sword that can attack from close up and from a distance! He has a shield that can actually be used in the game!

"Slice and Dice!"

Arguably the most powerful Undead Element, Hex has magical powers, such as her famous Skull Orbs. She can cast Undead spells and make a wall of bones for protection.

"Fear the Dark!"

Cynder has the ability to breathe powerful lightning and can dash through her enemies, leaving a trail of ghost allies. She has an oversized ghost ally sidekick that helps her defeat her enemies. And what is a dragon without the ability to fly?

"Volts and Lightning!"

Fright Rider is actually two heroes in one. Rider the Elf has a powerful spear, while his pet ostrich, Fright, has the ability to stretch his neck under the ground and ambush his enemies. And being the newest memeber of the Undead Elements, Fright Rider is one of the most powerful in Skylanders: Giants.

"Fear the Spear!"

The creepiest Undead Element ever, Ghost Roaster is also one of the strongest Skylanders. He has a mace for a tail and can transform himself into an indestructible ball called the "Skull Charge." He can dash, leaving a trail of ghost allies behind him (just like Cynder). He is NOT one of my favorites, though.

"No Chain, No Gain!"

Skylanders Life Elements

Skylander Life Elements

Stealth Elf, Zook, Camo, Shroomboom, Stump Smash

There is little to be known about Stealth Elf. She has a pair of sais (mini swords) and knows how to spin like a top (kind of like Flashwing). She can leave her body as her spirit (!) and can form a new body elsewhere (this is a way to escape enemies).

"Silent but Deadly!"

Zook is one of the most powerful Life Elements. He has a powerful missile gun that can also make a protective field of mushrooms or bushes. He is so powerful, he probably doesn't even need the bushes!


Camo is a favorite to many. He can create oversized melons and hurl them at the enemy. He can also take out multiple enemies by making an exploding vine and can breathe fire balls.

"Fruit Punch!"

A mutant mushroom with awesome abilities, Shroomboom has two different kinds of slingshots: one he uses to sling toxic mushrooms, and the other he uses to sling himself. He can make a circle of mushrooms for protection or for defense (the mushrooms explode after a few seconds).

"He Shoots, He Spores!"

Stump Smash is my favorite Life Element besides Tree Rex. Stump Smash is one of the strongest Skylanders, with his hammer-like hands that can smash everything they touch. He can make spiked melons with his mouth and send them rolling towards his enemies.

"Drop the Hammer!"

Skylanders Air Elements

Skylander Air Elements

Sonic Boom, Lightning Rod, Whirlwind, Jet-Vac, Warnado

Sonic Boom is one of the best Air Elements to own. (Sonic Boom is NOT a dragon, she is a griffin.) She can make sonic boom with her mouth and can hurl eggs at her enemies. The eggs hatch into baby griffins, and the babies get stronger over time!

"Full Scream Ahead!"

Lightning Rod is one of the most powerful Skylanders, with his ability to throw lightning bolts and to generate powerful lightning. He can manipulate lightning by waving his hand in the air.

"One Strike and You're Out!"

Whirlwind is very powerful. She is a cross between unicorn and dragon, and because of that, Whirlwind can fly and shoot rainbow beams from that horn. She can also create rainbow whirlpools in the air, which can destroy enemies unlucky enough to get in her way.

"Twist of Fury!"

My favorite Air Element, Jet-Vac has a special gun that can manipulate air. The gun can blow blasts of air, suck up objects into the blades of his gun, and he has a jet pack for flying. He is very powerful and dangerous to his enemies.

"Hawk and Awe!"

Perfectly named for his amazing abilities, Warnado can pull himself into his shell and can spin like a top. He can turn himself into a powerful tornado when spinning at maximum power.

"For the Wind!"

Skylanders Walkthrough: Pop Fizz, Flashwing, Sprocket, Chill

You can find videos of the Giants at Skylanders Giant Characters.

Which is Your Favorite on this Skylanders Character List? - Please leave me a comment before you go.

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    • MTSonnenberg profile image


      5 years ago

      My favorite has to be Ghost Roaster.


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