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Skyrim Become Ethereal Dragon Shout

Updated on December 9, 2011

In Skyrim, it is worthwhile for the hero to get the become ethereal dragon shout. The become ethereal dragon shout is useful for taking no damage against enemies (ideal for running), and especially useful for mountain trekking and falling. This will guide the hero in completing the become ethereal dragon shout by getting one of the three words of power (Fade, Spirit and Bind) of the become ethereal dragon shout.

In Skyrim, the hero is likely to have traveled to Ustengrav as this location is tied in to the main quest in Skyrim. However, the location of one of the other words of power of the become ethereal dragon shout is not that well known. The location of this particular word of power of the become ethereal dragon shout lies in the Lost Valley Redoubt. As the name Redoubt suggests, this place is filled with Forsworn. Lost Valley means the location is harder to find on the map.

Skyrim Get to Lost Valley Redoubt

In Skyrim, the hero can get to the Lost Valley Redoubt most easily from the town of Rorikstead. From Rorikstead, head south until the Karth river is reached. Now the hero is likely to reach a chain of mountains overlooking the River Karth. Slide down carefully into the river. Now go upstream along the river until a path appears on the left hand side. Go up the path and the familiar stairway of the Redoubts appears before the hero. Go up the stairway and sure enough, the Forsworn start to appear.

Skyrim Getting to Become Ethereal

In Skyrim, the hero must climb the stairways and defeat the Forsworn along the way to get to the wall containing the become ethereal word of power. The Forsworn are divided into various degrees of difficulty. If the hero has high enough level of destruction magic, then just rampage your way through with destruction magic. Alternatively, if the hero has high enough level of sneak, then hide and sneak attack all the way up. With powerful daggers in the hero's hands and the Assassin's Blade Perk, only the most difficult of the Forsworn - the Forsworn Briarheart may need two strikes to take down; the rest are easily defeated with one strike.

In Skyrim Lost Valley Redoubt, the hero may want to take a short detour along this massive Forsworn camp. There is another apparent dead end at one of the pathways which overlooks a waterfall, called Bard's Leap Summit. This vantage point begs the hero to jump down, and so the hero does just that. Remember to actually jump down, not just fall down. If the hero falls down, he will hit the rocks beneath the waterfall. If the hero jumps down (aim for the pool of water at the lowest level), he will land in a pool at the lower levels of the Lost Valley Redoubt. This action will call forth the ghost Azzadal who will sing a song for the hero, increasing the hero's Speechcraft skill. The hero may also want to try the "become ethereal" dragon shout approach after getting the become ethereal words of power before trying this jump, since becoming ethereal means the hero takes no damage if he hits the rocks accidentally.

In Skyrim Lost Valley Redoubt, opposite Bard's Leap Summit at the other end is the hero's destination. Sneak to a bark like hide at the opposite end of Bard's Leap Summit, hide behind some rocks, and spot two Hagravens performing a ritual to raise a Forsworn Briarheart. The become ethereal word of power lies just behind the Hagravens' ritual table. The hero can rush in and defeat the Hagravens before the Forsworn Briarheart is raised. Otherwise it will be likely three against one, or three against two (if the hero has a follower).

Skyrim Tactics to Defeat the Hagravens and the Forsworn Briarheart

In Skyrim Lost Valley Redoubt, waiting for the Forsworn Briarheart to be raised makes for a very challenging and one of the most exciting fights in Skyrim with many tactical options available. The hero can go in all spells blazing, taking down the Forsworn Briarheart and the Hagravens with massively damaging spells. Or the hero can turn around and hide and then use the sneak bow attack tactics to weaken the Forsworn Briarheart and Hargravens.

Perhaps the most enjoyable tactical option is to turn and run, and then hide somewhere across the small stream flowing in this area. The Hagravens and the Forsworn Briarheart will chase after the hero, but will cross the stream mostly using the land bridge. When they cannot see the hero due to the hero's high sneak ability, they will turn back and head back to the ritual table. This is the time to strike. Follow them closely and then take them out one at a time using sneak attack. After one attack, if the others are alerted, just turn back and hide again. And the process is repeated.

After defeating the Hagravens and the Forsworn Briarheart, the hero is free to read the become ethereal word of power. Remember to search the chest near the ritual table for a chance at an excellent item like the Ring of Melding (increases health regeneration rate).


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