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Skyrim Becoming A Werewolf

Updated on December 2, 2011

Skyrim Becoming A Werewolf

Skyrim Becoming A Werewolf
Skyrim Becoming A Werewolf

Skyrim Becoming A Werewolf

In Skyrim, to become a werewolf, the hero needs be inflicted with lycanthropy. To be inflicted with lycanthropy, embark on the various quests of the Companions faction and then participate in the ritual to become a werewolf. By obtaining the Hircine's Ring from Sinding in the Ill Met by Moonlight quest, the hero can then control the transformation into becoming a werewolf.

Skyrim Finding A Werewolf

In Skyrim, the hero needs to find a werewolf to become a werewolf. The easiest way to find a "natural" werewolf is to head to Falkreath (southwest of Helgen) and find the Falkreath Barracks. Downstairs in the Falkreath Barracks is the jail that contains Sinding. Sinding is a natural werewolf who has been cursed into maintaining his human form permanently by the cursed ring of Hircine, awarded to him by Hircine.

Note that if the hero goes back to Helgen (to travel to Falkreath) after defeating the second dragon, there will be another anonymous dragon waiting near Helgen to attack the hero. Beware of this!

In Falkreath, empathize with Sinding for his accident with a girl, and accept his quest to hunt and defeat the Great Beast. The Great Beast is actually a white stag that will travel between Falkreath, Riverwood and the farms southeast of Whiterun. When the hero starts the Ill by Moonlight quest, he accepts the cursed Hircine ring from Sinding. When worn the cursed Hircine ring will randomly transform the wearer into a werewolf if the wearer is already inflicted with lycanthropy. Sinding will then transform into a werewolf and run away.

Skyrim Hunting and Defeating the Great Beast

In Skyrim, the Great Beast or white stag can be hunted by following the marker in the map. It may be wise to switch off the other quest markers until this hunt for the great beast is over. Now fast travel to the town that is nearest the white stag, and start hunting for the white stag. It is really quite easy to hunt and defeat the Great Beast once the hero is near. Just run and when near the white stag, just sprint and race to the white stag and defeat it with the weapons of the hero's choice. When the white stag is defeated, a ghostly form of the white stag or the aspect of Hircine will arise and speak to the hero. He wants the hero to hunt and defeat Sinding the werewolf. The hero agrees.

Skyrim Finding Sinding the Werewolf

In Skyrim, Sinding the Werewolf can be found in the Bloated Man's Grotto (southwest of Whiterun, southeast of Broken Fangs Cave). Fast travel to Whiterun, and then go southwest until the Bloated Man's Grotto is reached. Head inside to find Sinding the Werewolf near the entrance. Speak to Sinding the Werewolf.

It is suggested that the hero spares Sinding the Werewolf and sides with Sinding in hunting down the hunters who are hunting Sinding. Now head deeper into the Bloated Man's Grotto cave and eliminate all the hunters. With Lydia the servant companion by the hero's side, and Sinding the Werewolf also helping out, these hunters will be no match at all for the hero. Be very careful not to hit Sinding the werewolf during these attacks on the hunters; otherwise the hero cannot talk to Sinding later on and cannot complete the helping out Sinding part of the Ill Meet by Moonlight quest.

Now finish off all the hunters, and speak to Sinding the Werewolf. He will express regret for the accident at Falkreath and seek to leave Skyrim. What the hero must do at this stage is to race past Sinding to the entrance of Bloated Man's Grotto. Use sprint if necessary. The faster the hero reaches the entrance and exits the cave, the better it is.

Skyrim Collecting Hircine's Rewards

In Skyrim, once the hero exits from the Bloated Man's Grotto Cave, Hircine will appear and express amusement at how the hero has eliminated the hunters instead of Sinding. Hircine will then uncurse Hircine's ring, allowing the hero to freely transform into a werewolf once he is inflicted with lycanthropy.

Now, because the hero has traveled so fast past Sinding to the entrance, Sinding the werewolf has only just reached the cave entrance and is traveling down the path away from the cave when the hero finishes talking to Hircine. Chase Sinding down and attack Sinding now. Then finish off Sinding and take the werewolf skin off Sinding. Note that Sinding may stay inside the Bloated Man's Gretto, in which case the hero has to go inside and finish him off.

Hircine will appear again! This time, Hircine congratulates the hero for finishing off Sinding and gives the hero the Saviour's Hide Armor.

Skyrim Ring of Hircine and Lycanthropy

Skyrim Ring of Hircine - Becoming a werewolf anytime many times a day
Skyrim Ring of Hircine - Becoming a werewolf anytime many times a day

Skyrim Time to Become A Werewolf And Acquire Werewolf Powers

In Skyrim, with lycanthropy inflicted on the hero by completing the Companions faction quests and participating in the ritual and the uncursed Hircine's ring equipped, flick open the Powers menu of the hero, and turn on the werewolf transformation. The hero becomes a werewolf!

Watch as the hero werewolf acquires the werewolf powers, being maximum health and stamina increased greatly, 100% resistances to diseases and faster sprinting. Marvel as the werewolf hero pounces on his prey and smacks the prey into oblivion. However, all supernatural powers come with a price - to maintain the werewolf form, the hero werewolf must continue feeding on corpses or risk transformation back to the human form. Also, the werewolf can scare NPCs into attack or inaction. The werewolf cannot communicate in the human or skyrim tongue, cannot loot and cannot equip all those fancy equipment, just to list a few more weaknesses. However, this free transformation into a werewolf may be the key to defeating some really difficult beasts in the skyrim bestiary.

Skyrim Becoming A Werewolf Part 2 - Completing the Ritual of the Companions Inner Circle


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