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Skyrim Defeating the First Dragon Mirmulnir

Updated on December 2, 2011

Skyrim Defeating the First Dragon Mirmulnir

Skyrim Defeating the First Dragon Mirmulnir
Skyrim Defeating the First Dragon Mirmulnir

Skyrim Defeating the First Dragon Mirmulnir

In Skyrim, the hero reports back to Farengar Secret-Fire after his first mission for the Jarl. A mysterious figure called Delphine is talking to the mage Farengar Secret-Fire. This conversation is interrupted with reports of a dragon sighting near the Western Watchtower. This will guide the hero in following Irileth in tracking down the dragon near the western watchtower outside Whiterun and discuss various tactics in defeating the first dragon Mirmulnir.

Skyrim Tracking Down the Dragon Mirmulnir

In Skyrim, the dragon slaying begins with tracking down the first dragon Mirmulnir. This must be the dragon that razed Helgen Keep to the ground. The hero and Whiterun company converge in the Jarl's private quarters and discuss the dragon Mirmulnir. The dragon has been sighted at the western watchtower and the hero is instructed to follow Irileth in finding the dragon. This part of the dragon slaying mission is easy - just follow Irileth all the way from the Jarl's quarters to just before the gates of Whiterun. Irileth will gather some Whiterun guards and then depart for the western watchtower. Continue to follow Irileth to the western watchtower, and find that it lies in ruins, with flames sprouting out from the fallen debris. Handiwork of the dragon, no doubt. Irileth instructs her men to patrol the area and find any survivors. And then the dragon Mirmulnir attacks.

Skyrim Tactics to Defeat the Dragon Mirmulnir

In Skyrim, the first dragon Mirmulnir is not too hard to defeat. This is likely because it's many men versus one dragon. As the Skyrim game progresses, it may become quite hard to defeat the other dragons. The tactics for defeating the dragon Mirmulnir include using bow and arrows to cut down on Mirmulnir's health points as the dragon flies around the western watchtower. There is a certain pattern to Mirmulnir's flight path if the hero observes the flight path long enough. When the dragon is perched to attack with the flaming breath or poised to land, just release those arrows and watch the health points start to decline. When Mirmulnir is down to about half or less of the original health points, prepare a melee attack or magicka attack. Mirmulnir will land on a spot near the Western Watchtower. If attacking with magicka, it may be wise to choose electricity or non-fire attacks as the dragon may be less vulnerable to fire-based attacks. Now with the dragon Mirmulnir on the ground, move in and rapidly spam attack with an electricity magicka attack like the Sparks spell. Continue to do this until the magicka points are exhausted. If the hero is hit by the fire breath and low on health, retreat and use heal potions or the heal spell. At this point, Mirmulnir may take flight again. Wait for the dragon Mirmulnir to land and repeat the process above. With these tactics, the first dragon Mirmulnir will be defeated.

Skyrim Rewards for Defeating the First Dragon Mirmulnir

In Skyrim, the events post defeating the first dragon Mirmulnir have to be the best part of the game so far (although this will surely be superseded by vampirism and lycanthropy later on). When the dragon Mirmulnir is defeated, the corpse goes up in flames, and the hero absorbs the power of the dragon, obtaining the Shout power ability and the Unrelenting Force Shout Attack. The hero is revealed to be one of the Dragonborn.

Now fast travel back to Whiterun and Dragonreach to report to the Jarl, and understand that the Greybeards have sent for the hero. The Greybreads are a group specializing in the training of the Shout Powers. In addition, the hero is granted the title of Thane of Whiterun. With this title comes the granting of a servant companion, who will follow the hero if the hero so commands. A follower in Skyrim! One of the ultimate rewards so far in Skyrim for defeating the dragon Mirmulnir. The hero is also given a fire based weapon - the Axe of Whiterun.

With the defeat of the first dragon Mirmulnir, the hero's reputation rises rapidly, and all manners of men and creatures start looking for the hero to quest on their behalf. Next up, finding the Redguard woman, and heading to find the Greybeards.

Skyrim Defeating the Dragon Mirmulnir


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