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Skyrim Defeating Tsun To Enter Hall of Valor

Updated on November 24, 2011

Skyrim Defeating Tsun

Skyrim Getting Ready to Defeat Tsun
Skyrim Getting Ready to Defeat Tsun

Skyrim Defeating Tsun to Enter the Hall of Valor

In Skyrim, the hero enters Sovngarde to find and eliminate Alduin. First the hero must enter the Hall of Valor to find the three heroes to clear the mist in Sovngarde that Alduin is hiding in. Tsun the gatekeeper blocks the way into the Hall of Valor. This will guide the hero in using some specific tactics to defeat Tsun the gatekeeper and enter the Hall of Valor to achieve the above objectives.

Skyrim Enter the Hall of Valor

In Skyrim, before the hero can enter the Hall of Valor, he must find the path to the Hall of Valor. This is surprisingly easy. From the portal into Sovngarde, just follow the cobbled path until the hero reaches a skull platform where Tsun the gatekeeper is.

Tsun will ask the hero to identify the virtues for which the hero should be allowed into the Hall of Valor. If the hero has completed the archmage quest and has become the archmage, then the hero has the additional answer of "By Way of Cleverness". Otherwise, the hero can only say "By Right of Birth" (being the dragonborn). Either way, Tsun will challenge the hero to one on one battle, and it seems that the only way to enter the Hall of Valor is to defeat Tsun.

Skyrim Tactics to Defeat Tsun

In Skyrim, Tsun is a formidable opponent for the following reasons - he is fast, he wields a vicious two handed weapon which deals enormous amounts of damage and he is relentless (has lots of stamina). This will provide some tactics on how to defeat Tsun.

In Skyrim Sovngarde, to defeat Tsun, one simply takes away each of Tsun's strengths. Tsun is fast, so the hero needs to hit Tsun without retaliation as many times as possible, and as hard as possible. To do this, use the Shout Time, Slow Time. Now if the hero is a mage based character, use thunderbolt (obtained from Faralda after obtaining Destruction of 75 and becoming an expert in Destruction magic) in one hand and fireball in the other. Launch these at Tsun. Even in the slow time phase, Tsun is still fast. The hero can get maybe two shots at Tsun before the Slow Time Shout wears off. Now turn around, and run away.

This will prevent Tsun will hitting the hero, and then repeatedly hitting the hero (remember Tsun is relentless). This tactic will take away Tsun's high damage and repeated attack strengths. Because the Sovngarde area is large, the hero can run and Tsun will find it hard to catch up with the hero. Now turn around when the Shout Slow Time is available to use again, and repeat the process above.

By taking away Tsun's strengths, and then using the hero's magic or otherwise favourite fighting style to attack Tsun, Tsun will be defeated, and the hero can enter the Hall of Valor.

Next, rounding up the three heroes and finishing off Alduin.

Skyrim Using An Ingenious Tactic to Backstab and Defeat Tsun. Enjoy!


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