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Skyrim Enter Kilkreath Temple And Get Dawnbreaker

Updated on December 9, 2011

Skyrim Enter Kilkreath Temple and Get Dawnbreaker

In Skyrim, the hero must enter Kilkreath Temple and Get Dawnbreaker if he wants to complete the Break of Dawn quest, issued by Meridia at the Shrine of Meridia. This will guide the hero to find the entrance to Kilkreath Temple to enter the Kilkreath Catacombs and retrieve Dawnbreaker from the crutches of Malkoran, a shade necromancer who has defiled the Temple of Kilkreath with his necromancy and shade monsters.

Skyrim Get to Shrine of Meridia and Enter Kilkreath Temple

In Skyrim, the hero must find the Statue of Meridia, or the Shrine of Meridia, in order to start the Break of Dawn quest. From Solitude, the hero must travel west, until he sees a path leading north. Follow the path and then turn west and continue following the path until it leads him to the easily recognizable Statue of Meridia.

At Skyrim Shrine of Meridia, Meridia will ask the hero to retrieve the Beacon of Light. Once the Beacon of Light has been retrieved, the hero must place the Beacon of Light in the Shrine of Meridia. The hero will be lifted into the sky and Meridia will start talking about her Temple of Kilkreath being desecrated by Malkoran the shade necromancer. She instructs the hero to enter Kilkreath Temple to get Dawnbreaker, defeat Malkoran and restore light to her temple.

Skyrim Enter Kilkreath Temple

Skyrim Enter Kilkreath Temple from Area of Statue of Meridia
Skyrim Enter Kilkreath Temple from Area of Statue of Meridia

Skyrim Enter Kilkreath Temple and Beyond

In Skyrim, the main problem that the hero has is finding the entrance to Kilkreath Temple. There appears to be many entrances to the Kilkreath Temple entrance, but the actual entrance to Kilkreath Temple is just below the Statue of Meridia (see picture). Once the hero locates this entrance, he can enter Kilkreath Temple and explore Kilkreath Temple and beyond (Kilkreath Ruins and Kilkreath Catacombs).

In Skyrim, if the hero travels a bit to the north of the Statue of Meridia, he will find the wall containing the Elemental Fury Word of Power. Learn it first and then enter Kilkreath Temple.

Skyrim Get Dawnbreaker

Skyrim Dawnbreaker
Skyrim Dawnbreaker

Skyrim Route to Defeating Malkoran

In Skyrim, the hero must find and eliminate Malkoran inside Kilkreath Temple. The route to defeating Malkoran is obstructed by two main things - the many many shades along the way to the main chamber within Kilkreath Catacombs that contains Malkoran, and the locked doors in between the entrance of Kilkreath Temple and the final chamber.

In Skyrim Kilkreath Temple, Ruins and Catacombs, there are many shades. However, they are placed mostly far apart from one another. So far apart that the hero just has to sneak and sneak attack the shades to take them down. The next stage within each chamber in the Kilkreath dungeon is to unlock the doors that lead to the next chamber. To do this, simply find a way to get to the pedestal or pedestals within each chamber and activate the light on the pedestal. The door to the next stage of the Kilkreath ruins will be unlocked.

In Skyrim Kilkreath Catacombs, the hero eventually reaches the final chamber containing Malkoran. Malkoran is facing the other side of the chamber with his back to the hero. He is surrounded by four shades. The suggested tactics here is to eliminate the four shades as fast as possible and then concentrate on Malkoran. If the hero has a high level sneak perk, then the first shade can be eliminated by stealth attack. Then activate slow time, switch to dual destruction magic and blast the shades to oblivion. Another tactic is to use sneak attacks on each of the four shades. After each attack, move out through the doors of the chamber, close the doors and wait for a while. When the shades stop looking for the hero, move into the chamber and sneak attack the next Shade.

In Skyrim Kilkreath Catacombs, with Malkoran left, use the same technique above (sneak and move out of the room) to allow Malkoran to go back into a passive mode. Malkoran will stop looking for the hero. Then move in and sneak attack Malkoran. When Malkoran is defeated the first time, the shade of Malkoran will appear and the hero must defeat Malkoran a second time. The hero can use his favourite fighting style here. Or if the sneak attack tactics has become so addictive, then the hero may want to repeat the "leave the room, hide and sneak and then reenter the room to eliminate the enemies" technique again! For master sneak attack heroes, the sneak attack can be so good that Malkoran and his shade can be eliminated in one strike!

Once Malkoran is defeated (the second time), Meridia's voice will sound in the hero's head. Head to the pedestal that contains Dawnbreaker and pull it out. Return to Meridia and pronounce that the hero wishes to keep Dawnbreaker.


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