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Skyrim Gameplay, Reviews, Smithing, Houses, Walkthroughs

Updated on August 20, 2012

Skyrim Walkthroughs, Character Traits, Gameplay, Information, Cheats.

These are walkthroughs, smithing guides, character traits, Skyrim's factions, pc requirements, gameplay information and accessories. Hopefully it'll help out your travels in Skyrim.

Skyrim is an action role-playing open-world game created by Bethesda Studios. It is the 5th in the Elder Scrolls series. The main story is 200 years after Oblivion and revolves around the main character, who is a dragonborn that can devour the souls of dragons. It is said that the gameplay can toll in at over 200 hours. Skyrim is on the Ps3/Xbox 360/PC.

Skyrim's Character Traits

Argonian - Reptilian Race

+10 lockpicking, +5 Restoration, +5 Alteration, +5 Light Armour, +5 Sneak,+5 Pickpocket

Ability is Resist Disease, 50% Resistant to Disease, can also breath underwater.

Dunmer - Dark Elf

+10 Destruction, +5 Illusion, +5 Alchemy,+5 Alteration, +5 Light Armor,+5 Sneak

Ability is Ancestor's Wrath, Opponents that get to close get fire damage for 60 seconds.

50% resistant to fire damage

Breton - Human

+10 Conjuration, +5 Alchemy,+5 Illusion,+5 Restoration,+5 Alteration,+5 Speech

Ability is Dragonskin, absorbs 50% of magicka from enemy spells for 60 seconds.

50% resistant to magic damage

Altmer - High Elf

+10 Illusion, +5 Conjuration,+5 Destruction,+5 Restoration,+5 Alteration,+5 Enchanting

Ability is Highborn, Regenerates magicka faster for 60 seconds.

Starts with 50 extra magicka

Imperial - Human

+10 Restoration, +5 Destruction,+5 Enchanting,+5 Heavy Armor,+5 Block,+5 One-Handed

Ability is Voice of the Emperor, calms enemies around you for 60 seconds.

Where ever you find gold, you find a bit more then other races.

Khajiit - Cat-like Race

+10 Sneak, +5 Alchemy,+5 One-Handed,+5 Archery,+5 Lockpicking,+5 Pickpocket

Ability is Night Eye, improved vision in night for 60 seconds.

Claws : Khajiit claws do 15 points of damage

Nord - Human

+10 Two-Handed, +5 Smithing, Block, One-Handed, Light Armor, Speech

Ability is Battle Cry, target flees for 30 seconds.

50% Resistant to frost damage.

Orsimer - Orc

+10 Heavy Armor, +5 Enchanting,+5 Smithing,+5 Block,+5 Two-Handed,+5 One-Handed

Ability is Berserker Rage, You take half damage and do double damage for 60 seconds.

Redguard - Human

+10 One-Handed, +5 Destruction,+5 Alteration,+5 Smithing,+5 Block,+5 Archery

Ability is Adrenaline Rush, Stamina regenerates 10 times faster for 60 seconds.

50% Resistant to poison

Bosmer - Wood Elf

+10 Archery, +5 Alchemy,+5 Light Armor,+5 Sneak,+5 Lockpicking,+5 Pickpocket

Ability is Command Animal, makes an animal an ally for 60 seconds.

50% Resistant to disease and poison

Character selection in-game

Skyrim PC requirements

Recommended Requirements

Windows 7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit)

Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD CPU

4 GB System RAM

6 GB free HDD space

DirectX 9 compatible NVIDIA or AMD ATI video card with 1GB of RAM (Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 or higher; ATI Radeon 4890 or higher).

DirectX compatible sound card

Minimum Requirements

Windows 7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit)

Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz or equivalent processor

2 GB System RAM

6 GB free HDD Space

Direct X 9 compliant video card with 512 MB of RAM

DirectX compatible sound card

Imperials Vs Stormcloaks

The Imperials are from the Empire. They're mostly Nords from Skyrim that have stayed true to the empire after the war with the Thalmor. You can chose to pick their side in the civil war in Skyrim. To join them the player must go to Solitude - in the castle dour - talk to Legate Rikke to get the quest Joining the Legion.

The Stormcloaks are mainly native Nords from Skyrim. They believe they should be separate from the Empire and take control over Skyrim. The Stormcloaks are led by Ulfric Stormcloak who murdered the High King of Skyrim. Their main base is in Windhelm. To join them you must go to Windhelm and talk to Ulfric Stormcloak to join the Stormcloaks.

Houses in Skyrim

All houses on Skyrim have benefits. You can sleep in the bed for a temporary bonus, have your wife stay there to give you a cooked meal everyday and set up a shop for some money. Another great thing is you can store your items in your house, like those heavy dragon bones/scales. Also you'll get a enchanter/alchemy table.

Houses - Name -Prices

Whiterun - Breezehome - 5,000

Riften - Honeyside - 8,000

Markath - Vlindrel Hall - 8,000

Windhelm - Hjerim - 12,000

Solitude - Proudspire Manor - 25,000

What's your favorite house?

See results


College of Winterhold

The College of Winterhold is one of the factions in Skyrim. It is located in the northern section of Winterhold. To join them you talk to the gatekeeper

Faralda and either pass a speech check, or must cast a few spells that she can sell to you. Joining them has alot of benefits, you'll be able to have access to more spells and training in some skills. Also once you joined you'll have the apprentice's quarters that you'll be able to sleep in. There's also 3 companions you'll be able to recruit for your side.

Companion's Guild

The Companion's Guild is located in Whiterun. It is similar to the Fighter's Guild in Oblivion. To join them you talk to Kodlak inside the halls. They have trainers in combat skill's like two-handed and archery etc. There's also the Skyforge there which create's special weapons and armor from the finest steel. (spoiler) The council of the guild are all werewolves, which cause them to have constant fighting with the Silver Hand. If you go far enough in the quest line you'll be given the option to become a werewolf as well.

The Dark Brotherhood

The Dark Brotherhood is a group of assassins that kill contracts for a price. They get the contracts from people performing the Black Sacrament. To join them you must get the quest Innocence lost and talk to Aventus Aretino in Windhelm. You pretend your the Dark Brotherhood and take his contract and after you finish that, the guild will recruit you into their organization.

Thieve's Guild

The Thieve's Guild is located in Riften sewers. They have been slowly dieing lately and are very low on numbers. You can join them by talking to Brynjolf in the Riften market. It'll be a short little quest where you steal a ring and put it in another person's pocket. After that you'll be able to start the thieves guild's storyline. There are some sneak/pickpocket/archery trainers inside the base.


New Combat System anyone?

They completely updated the combat. Now you have 2 hands that you can literally put anything in. Spell in left hand, sword in right? Of course. You can have a defense spell in left hand and a destruction spell in the right. It gives the player many different ways to fight and explore throughout the world.

Some move's using the new combat system

Oblivion Vs Skyrim

Which one do you think is better?


Smithing is one of the must useful skills in the game. It'll give some of the best gear in the game. The best part is if you have a good amount of money you can power level it up really fast. The way I did it was just fast-travel to whiterun, buy all the iron ingots and leather strips from the blacksmith right by the spawn. And after that just wait 48 hours, re-buy more and repeat until you have around 400-600 iron ingots. When you feel you have enough, just make them all into iron daggers and you should have know how many more you need until 100 smithing in no time! One little help is having your wife around you the whole time so after all the waiting for 48 hours etc, she will have a good amount of money waiting for you.

Funny little Skyrim video

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