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Skyrim Get to Temple of Miraak

Updated on December 6, 2012

Skyrim Get to Temple of Miraak

Skyrim Get to Temple of Miraak
Skyrim Get to Temple of Miraak

Skyrim Get to Temple of Miraak

In Skyrim, the hero needs to get to the temple of Miraak. The temple of Miraak is located somewhere to the northeast of Raven Rock. Unlike Skyrim, the lands of Morrowind, of which Solstheim is a part of, is generally flatter and allows for easier travel. Unfortunately, the monsters of Morrowind are real monsters, not “super versions” of the normal wildlife (like wolves and bears) in Skyrim. This will guide the hero on how to get to the temple of Miraak and how to defeat the monsters along the way to the temple.

Solstheim Ash Spawn

On the map, the easiest way to the temple of Miraak appears to be going east from Raven Rock and then going north. The hero is likely to go this way.

However, some halfway from the town and the point of turning north, the hero encounters Captain Veleth. Captain Veleth is engaged in a battle of life and death with one of the new monstes of Solstheim – the ash spawn.

The ash spawn are undead that appear to be human like creatures made of ash like material that has been molded together. They look horrific and their attacks are deadly. Their strikes end with a fiery elemental attack, which is very bad news for the vampire lord hero (very susceptible to fire).

To defeat the ash spawn, the archer hero should go into sneak mode and approach the ash spawn from far. The ash spawn will be engaged in a deadly battle with Captain Veleth and can be taken out from far through archery sneak attacks. Eventually, they will subdue Captain Veleth and approach the hero ominously Run from the ash spawn and their fire attacks and allow Serena to come in and be the tank. Then continue shooting from behind Serena until the ash spawn are defeated.

Collect a note from one of the ashes of the ash spawn and then speak to Captain Veleth. This will start the March of the Dead quest.

Ignore the above quest for the time being and concentrate on how to get to the Temple of Miraak.

Skyrim Monsters on Solstheim

Skyrim Monsters On Solstheim - remember the netch in Morrowind? They are back.
Skyrim Monsters On Solstheim - remember the netch in Morrowind? They are back.

Solstheim New Monsters

After saving Captain Veleth, continue east a bit more and then turn north, using the map as a guide. The hero will likely encounter other new Solstheim monsters at that point. One of the monsters will be the ash hopper. This appearance of this creature screams cannon fodder, but it is no easy prey. It is very mobile and yes, it also does fire attacks. The tactics here for the ranged fighter is to run from the ash hoppers and allow Serena to tackle them whilst using the bow and arrows from far to take them out. There are other monsters like the burnt spriggan and the netch family. The burnt spriggan can be defeated. The hero should just run from the netch.

As the hero approaches the Temple of Miraak, the cultists return to guard the outskirts of the temple. Sneak towards them from far and take them down with stealth bow and arrows attacks. If they manage to close in on the hero, dodge their fire attacks and then run, allowing Serena to tank whilst attacking from behind and the flanks.

With the cultists defeated, head into the temple grounds proper. Speak to Frea, a native warrior who has built herself an amulet to protect herself from the mind controlling effects of the first dragonborn. Frea wants to explore the interior of the temple of Miraak and asks the hero for help.

It's time to enter the temple of Miraak.


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