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Skyrim Start Dawnguard Quest

Updated on June 19, 2013

Skyrim Start Dawnguard Quest

Skyrim Dawnguard starts proper when the hero gets to the Dawnguard Fortress via Dayspring Canyon
Skyrim Dawnguard starts proper when the hero gets to the Dawnguard Fortress via Dayspring Canyon

Skyrim Start Dawnguard Quest

In Skyrim, the hero embarks on a new series of quests in the dlc Dawnguard. However downloading the skyrim dlc dawnguard does not automatically start the dawnguard quest. The hero must travel around Skyrim and trigger off the dawnguard quest. This will provide the hero with a guide to start the dawnguard quest.

Skyrim Get to Dayspring Canyon

Skyrim Get to Dayspring Canyon from Riften
Skyrim Get to Dayspring Canyon from Riften

Skyrim Dawnguard Begins

If the hero is at least level 10 and above, then rumors of the Dawnguard Order will be floating around taverns around Skyrim, and the hero only need to speak to the right people to get the marker on the map and travel to Dawnguard.

If the hero is less than level 10, then getting the marker on the map will not be possible. Instead, the hero must travel to Riften. Of course, if the hero is less than level 10, then he would not have traveled around Skyrim much at that point. It will be best to start finding the entrance to the Fort Dawnguard by starting at Whiterun. Outside Whiterun, go to Bjorlam the wagon rider and purchase a ride to Riften for 20 gold. Now from the Riften stables, head south to the Riften main gates. The hero does not need to enter Riften at this stage.

Instead, head left around the Riften walls until a path is reached that leads east from Riften. Follow this path east and southeast. At this point, the hero has two choices. He can either follow the path all the way east past a bridge to an Argonian called M'aig the liar. A bit further from M'aig the liar on the left (marked by torches on the mountain wall) lies the entrance to Dayspring Canyon. Head into Dayspring Canyon and emerge on the other side.

The hero can also combat some bandits along this path from Riften and head for a cave called Broken Helm Hollow which will be visible on the tracker in the hero's HUD. From just outside Broken Helm Hollow, the hero can look down and just about see the broken path leading to the entrance of Dayspring Canyon. Head down there and find M'aig the liar. Then find the entrance into Dayspring Canyon.

Skyrim Beyond Dayspring Canyon

Beyond Dayspring Canyon, the hero will meet a man called Agmaer. Agmaer wants to join the Dawnguard Order and accompanies the hero towards Fort Dawnguard. Another indication the hero is on the right track is the three waterfalls in this area. The path here is relatively straightforward. Follow the path right up to the entrance to the Dawnguard Fortress. There are some people to talk to on the way including Durak, who is practicing with a crossbow, and Celann at the gates of Fort Dawnguard.

Enter the Dawnguard Fortress and speak to Isran and Vigilant Tolan. Isran will explain the purpose of the Dawnguard Order - a group of hunters ever vigilant for the creatures of the night, or vampires. Apparently, vampires are after something within Dimhollow Crypt. As the first task of a member of the Dawnguard, the hero is tasked with seeking out the vampires at Dimhollow Crypt. Once the hero speaks to Isran, he will be given a crossbow, and the next quest in the skyrim vampire lord series begins.


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